Company registration status with MCA

Today everyone wants to start their new business. But, they are all not registered their company. Some peoples are don’t know about their company registration process. How to register their new company. The Ministry of Corporate Affairs (MCA) is helps to guide your complete registration process. It is compulsory to register your company in India. But, its all done in an online process.

Today, there are number of new company is registered in MCA (Ministry of Corporate Affairs). The new company registration includes, Limited Liability Partnership (LLP), Public Limited Company, Private Limited Company, One Person Company (OPC). These are registered under ministry of corporate affair in India(MCA).

The Ministry of Corporate Affairs (MCA) decides the functioning of all the company and the Limited Liability Partnership (LLP). There is a MCA master database that makes the details of various entities like Limited Liability Partnership (LLP), Public Limited Company, Private Limited Company, One Person Company (OPC).

The new company registration namely One Person Company (OPC) , Public Limited Company, Private Limited Company, Limited Liability Partnership (LLP). These company registration are proceed in the Ministry of Corporate Affairs (MCA) India. The Ministry of Corporate Affairs published the details involving to these entities in online and is publicly visible.

Company Registration Status MCA

Company Registration Status Check MCA

The information relating to a certified body or to be a registered bodies like One Person Company (OPC), Public Limited Company, Limited Liability Partnership (LLP), Private Limited Company for which company name is confirmation with the application. It has been assigned with the MCA. It can be approached through the MCA master database. The MCA master database can be accessed through here.


Once the MCA master database login page is opened. A search column is to be displayed by submitting the incomplete name of the organization in the search box. It has company/LLP name and CIN of the company. You must enter the company name and CIN of the company. If your company name is found on the search enquire. The out comes are exhibited and the user can assign the right entity for which details are needed. If your company name is not found on the search enquire, the enquire returns no matches found.

The following details are relating to your business registration in Chennai. It can be started from the MCA Master data.

  1. Company Name
  2. The company CIN (Corporate Identification Number) has a unique 21 digit CIN.
  3. ROC Registration Number
  4. ROC Information
  5. Company Types (Company limited by shares, Company limited by guarantee, Unlimited company ). These comes with the types of company registration. If you want to know more about types of company registration click here.
  6. Class of Company (Private / Public )
  7. Sub- category of Company (Indian Government Company/ Indian Non-Governmental Company)
  8. Approved Capital of the company
  9. Paid up Capital of the company
  10. Date of Incorporation
  11. Address
  12. E-Mail
  13. Listing terms
  14. Date of Balance Sheet
  15. Date of last annual general meeting
  16. Company terms

Company Registration Charges

company registration in chennai

“Charge ” means an interest or lien created on the property or any of its undertakings orĀ  assets of a company or both as security and contains a mortgage. The words “lien” and “interest” to be understood in a word “security”. It is to be the same genus as the word “mortgage”.

The registration of a charge is compulsory no matter of whether the charge is incorporated within or outside India. Whether on its assets, property or any of its undertakings. The registration will be required when a charge is incorporated has

  • The uncalled share capital
  • book debts
  • Calls made but not paid
  • Any movable or immovable property
  • Whether tangible or intangible property rights
  • Property
  • Development rights
  • Whether it is by way of lien or pledge
  • Mortgage
  • Hypothecation

Thus, registration is compulsory irrespective of the mode of creation of charge or class of property. The e-Forms have to be filled up and uploaded in the MCA portal, After all the registration process is to be done. The registrar will register the charges and provide a certificate of registration.

Please note that apart from getting and filing modification of charges and registration of charges. Every company should provide satisfaction of charges, modification of charges, particulars of charges in its annual return.

Signatory Details

We can find the list of directors/signatories details using the MCA portal. The following details contain :

  • DIN (Director Identification Number)
  • DPIN (Designated Partner Identification Number)
  • PAN (Permanent Account Number)
  • Full name of the Director/Signatory of the Company
  • Present Residential Address of the Director or Signatory
  • Designation
  • Date of Appointment
  • DSC (Digital Signature Certificate) status

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