Private Limited company registration in Chennai- T.Nagar

A private limited company is a very popular corporate entity in India. Private Limited Company Registration in India has the governance by the Ministry of Corporate Affairs (MCA). A private limited company is a form of privately owned small business entity that requires at least two shareholders and a director. For company incorporation in India, be sure to register your company under the Companies Act, 201. The registered company can avail various benefits from the hassle-free registration of the company whenever required. Further, a private limited company offers restricts its shareholders from trading the shares openly, and allows easy fundraising from outside, making it an option of choice for startups and developing companies. Shareholders have the power to provide their employees with stock options and attract top talent to their company there.

Requirements for Private limited company registration

  • Minimum number of two adult directors.
  • One of the directors of a private limited company must be an Indian citizen and an Indian resident.
  • The other director may be a foreign national.
  • The company also needs to have two shareholders.
  • Shareholders can be a natural person
  • Shareholders can be an artificial legal entity.

Documents required for pvt ltd company registration

Following are the documents required to apply for private limited company registration   

Passport size photograph for each director

 Copy of PAN Card (Mandatory in case of Indian Nationals), Passport (Mandatory for Foreign Citizens and Residents of India)

Id. Proof of identity (any of the following)

 Voter ID card

 Copy of Passport

 Copy of driving license

 Unique Identification Number (UIN) / Aadhaar Card

Proof of address (any of the following)

 Bank statement

 Electricity bill

 Telephone bill

 Mobile bill

Note- Documents should not be more than 2 months old.

Reg. Proof of address – (any of the following)

Proof of ownership / deed of sale or agreement with lease deed or receipt of rent; And any of the following:

Electricity bill, Gas bill, Telephone bill, Mobile bill

Online company registration in chennai-tnagar

The SPICe+ form consist of three Union Government Ministries and Departments which are dedicated to ten services by the Ministry of Labor and the Department of Revenue, the Ministry of Finance and the Ministry of Corporate Affairs. SPIC The other forms that need to be filled with + are AGL-Pro, SPICe+ AOA and SPICe+ MOA.

Click SPICe+’ under ‘MCA Services’.

Then select ‘New App’;

Existing Application, you can select ‘Existing Application’, fill in the application number with the suggested or valid name. Click ‘Company Type.’ To know more on trademark registration in coimbatore, click here.

Click on ‘Class of Company’ and ‘Company Class’.

Click on ‘Sub-category Company’

Next, you need to specify the ‘main section of the company’s industrial activity’

Next, you have to mention the ‘main section of the company’s industrial activity’

Next you have to provide the details of ‘Suggested or Approved Name’. Click ‘Auto check’ according to the rules administering the name. Submit ‘Part A’ for name reservation or proceed with insertion.

Part B has different sections for the ‘check form’ for each section. The details required for registration are as follows.

1. Location of registered office fees of the company

2. Proposed Director and Subscribers

3. Company resources

4. Online company registration of PAN and TAN.

Check ‘Pre-Verification’. Confirmation is issued upon successful submission of the form.

Download the PDF of the proposed Part B to attach the DSC and fill up any linked form with Part B, SPIC. The forms attached to + are AGL-Pro, SPICe+ MOA and Spicy + AOA, URC – and INC-9. Part B of SPICe+ and the linked forms can then be uploaded on the MCA portal. A service request number is created to pay towards the investment of a private limited company. The forms will be processed once the payment is successful,. In case the forms need to be re-submitted for any errors to be processed, the SPICe+ form has to be re-submitted in the same way.

Advantages of Private limited company registration in chennai- t nagar

Limited liability

A private limited company registration in chennai- t nagar is a legal entity in its own right, allowing the business owner to keep their assets separate from the business. This means that business owners are not subject to any personal responsibility, as their work is carried out as an agent for the company, rather than an individual.

If the company faces difficulties, your personal assets will be protected by what is known as a corporate veil, with no debt, loss or legal claim, leaving the company liable, not the directors. Shareholders have no obligation to pay more than the value of the shares taken in their business.

Professional reputation of company registration

Company as a private limited company registration in chennai helps to portray a professional image and enhance your reputation. This is due to the fact that limited companies observe more closely than other constitutions, which replace legal compliance obligations and reporting requirements. This means that registering as a public limited company can help your business attract new investors, reach more opportunities, and compete with other businesses in your area.

Recent updates of company registration

Indian companies are governed by the Ministry of Corporate Affairs (MCA) and governed by the Companies Act, 201 by. The Companies Act covers in detail all the laws pertaining to companies. There are mainly two kinds of companies, private companies and public companies. To know more about llp company registration in chennai, click here.

The Companies Act, 201 consists of 4 chapters divided into 0 470 sections and sub-sections detailing the laws relating to the conduct of various companies. Failure to comply with the Companies Act by various parties or individuals associated with the company may result in the imposition of fines, penalties, imprisonment or some other severe punishment according to the criminal or civil offense committed by it. Cases involving companies are heard by the National Company Law Tribunal (NCLT).

Recent update under MCA for companies and lawyers on 9 January 2021

“All appointees please note that portal maintenance activity is scheduled from 10:00 pm (09th January 21-Saturday) to 08:00 am (10th January 21-Sunday). Activities can be planned accordingly. For any query, the helpdesk can be contacted. “To know more about one person company in chennai, click here.