Company registration and cancellation

Appoint women director of your company

Company formation and its registration are more important aspects, because it ensures uniformity and clarity. The entities can be registered under Companies Act 2013. Company Registration in Chennai says following are the types of companies that can be registered. They are: Private limited, Partnership, OPC, Section 8. Private limited firm is something special and the most popular type of corporate […]

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Trademark Registration in T Nagar Chennai | An overview


Trademark registration in Chennai says that trademark comprises of design, sign or expression and it can be registered. It is one of the intellectual properties. This distinguishes among the other competitive companies and it enables the customer to identify easily. So the trademark must be unique and should not be similar or identical to the other trademarks. Trademark registration in […]

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Copyright Registration in T Nagar Chennai | Modern rules


Copyright Registration in T Nagar Chennai says that Copyright is the exclusive right given to the creator. The creative work may be literary, artistic, and educational or music form. There are three requirements needed for a work to be copyrighted. They are original, creative and fixed. Original is defined as the work must be novel and independent. Creative means innovative […]

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