Articles of Association (AoA)

Registration of Articles In terms of section 26 of the act, it is mandatory also to produce to the registrar, at the time of company registration, the articles of association, in the case of : Private Limited company by shares Company limited by guarantee, public or private limited Unlimited company, public or private limited Articles of a Public Company In […]

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Body corporate incorporated outside India

Body corporate incorporated outside India has both holding or subsidiary company has the act 1956. The company name without the word “LIMITED” or “PRIVATE LIMITED” in its name The central government has the power to registered a company that are formed as companies without the word “Limited” of “Private Limited” in their names. Minimum paid-up capital not applicable The requirement […]

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Liable for registration under GST ?

Under this act, every provider shall be liable to be registered in the state or Union territory, from where he can doing their business. (a) Other than special category states – exceeds ₹ 20 lakhs. (b) Special category states – exceeds ₹ 10 lakhs. Meaning of terms : (a) Special category states shall mean the states as specified in clause […]

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