List of best services of Solubilis corporate services

Best services of Solubilis includes complete accounting, financial and advisory services in Chennai, Coimbatore and Bangalore.

Best services for Solubilis corporate services is complete accounting, financial, and advisory services in Chennai, Coimbatore &Bangalore. We were founded with the idea that experienced finance professionals should be available to businesses of all sizes. Currently available finance and accounting solutions are either one-time, arms-length, piecemeal solutions with no ongoing support for young, high-growth businesses, or they are geared specifically toward corporate clients and very expensive. That void must be filled by us.

Solubilis is a complete accounting, financial, and advisory service provider. Our goal is to collaborate with our customers and offer individualized, comprehensive, and professional solutions. We have increased from a few employees to more than 100 with clients in a short time.

List of best services of Solubilis corporate services:

  1. Private limited company registration
  2. Public limited company registration
  3. Limited Liability Partnership (LLP) registration
  4. OPC registration
  5. NBFC
  6. Nidhi Company registration
  7. Sole Proprietorship
  8. Partnership firm registration
  9. HUF (Hindu Undivided Family)
  10. Section 8 Company registration
  11. Trust registration
  12. Society registration
  13. Company Secretarial Service
  14. ISO certification
  15. FSSAI registration
  16. Digital Signature Certificate
  17. Barcode registration
  18. Legal Metrology Certificate
  19. ESI-PF registration
  20. IE code registration
  21. Udyam registration
  22. APEDA registration
  23. AEPC registration
  24. Annual Compliance
  25. HR consultancy services
  26. IPR (Trademark, Patent, Copyright, Design) registration
  27. GST & Income Tax services

Let’s see some of the best services of Solubilis corporate services briefly:

Solubilis corporate services- Best services for Trademark registration

A symbol, distinctive mark, logo, etc., can be a trademark that reflects a company’s brand, separates it from rival businesses, and boosts its credibility.

Your company’s name, brand name, trade name, label, product name, logo, punch line, and domain name are all trademarks that can be found or identified. The trademark registration is done at an affordable charge in Solubilis.

It is necessary to identify and safeguard all of your company’s intellectual property rights, including trademarks. Over thousands of clients have got Trademark registration from Solubilis to safeguard rights.

Benefits of Trademark

Exclusive rights

The exclusive Trademark Rights are held by the registered trademark owner, who also has the ability to stop any individual or third party from using the trademark in an illegal manner.

In addition, the owners are free to use the same trademark for any and all goods or services that fall into the applicable class or classes.

Protection against infringement

Your registered trademark cannot be used by a business rival or any other individual. On the other hand, if someone else does the same thing, you can sue them for trademark infringement.

Valuable Asset is created

By registering a trademark, you acquire exclusive rights to sell, franchise, assign, and commercially contract your innovation, creating an intangible asset.

Solubilis corporate services for GST registration

India’s newest indirect tax system is the Goods and Services Tax (GST). It is a national value-added tax on the supply of goods and services. Since GST began affecting the Indian economy on July 1, 2017, it has altered every business’s working practices.

The advantages of GST will help you understand the significance of GST. Nearly a year has passed since India implemented the GST; consequently, it is essential to comprehend the GST law’s benefits and drawbacks. Let’s examine a few advantages of GST.


GST registration has following benefits.

One India, one market:

There were taxes that prevented India from becoming a common market prior to the introduction of GST. Whereas GST is a unified tax that is levied on all sales and production of goods and services in a nation; caused India to become a common market.

Single Compliance Point:

The Government of India’s web portal known as the GST Common Portal,, provides taxpayers with access to all GST-related facilities, including GST registration, returns, reports mismatch, and e-way bills.

The entire GST compliance structure is dependent on IT Taxpayers would no longer need to visit multiple tax departments because it is the single point of compliance.

Solubilis corporate services-Best for Company registration

Having the legal authority to conduct business is achieved through company registration. In India, the process of registering a business is also known as “incorporation” or “business formation.” Any business, startup, non-profit, or micro, small, or medium-sized business can qualify as a corporation.

A business is its own legal entity, distinct from its shareholders. The distinction between those who control the company’s affairs and those who actually own it is an essential aspect of the business.

The most crucial step in starting a business in India is to have company registration. A certificate must be presented in order to be recognized by the government and to be eligible for a loan in the event of an emergency.

Solubilis corporate services for Private limited company registration

For small businesses, a private limited company is a private entity. This kind of business entity prevents shareholders from trading shares publicly and limits owner liability to their shareholdings, which are limited to 200.


Pvt ltd company registration has the following benefits.

  • A private limited company’s shareholders have limited liability. This means that as a shareholder, you will only be responsible for covering the company’s costs up to the amount you contributed.
  • Since the shareholders are not personally liable, they do not have to use their own assets to cover the company’s liabilities.
  • Pvt ltd is a different legal entity than you are.
  • This indicates that the management of the company’s debtors and creditors, as well as its assets and liabilities, falls under its purview. The company’s losses will not be your responsibility.
  • As a result, the creditors won’t be able to sue you to get the money back.

Hence Pvt ltd company registration is essential.

Solubilis corporate services-Best services for One Person Company Registration

The Companies Act of 2013 introduced the One Person Company concept in India to help entrepreneurs who are capable of starting a business on their own by allowing them to form a single person-owned business. OPC registration is done at an affordable cost.

One of the biggest advantages of an OPC is that it can only have one member, whereas a Private Limited Company or Limited Liability Partnership (LLP) needs at least two to form and operate.

An OPC, like a company, is a separate legal entity from its promoter. It provides limited liability protection to its sole shareholder, maintains business continuity, and is simple to form. OPC registration is now inevitable.

Solubilis corporate services-Best services for Public limited company registration

Similar to limited liability partnership firms, a Public Limited Company has the legal authority to sell its shares to the general public, as the name suggests. A Public Limited Company is made more dynamic by this provision.

In contrast to LLPs or Private Limited Companies, which are unable to sell their shares to the general public, it is able to rapidly expand its business operations and raise significant sums of money by selling its shares to a wide range of buyers. Public ltd company registration is done at a considerable price in Solubilis.

Public ltd company registration should need minimum 3 directors, 7 shareholders.

Solubilis corporate services-Best services for Limited Liability Partnership Registration

In 2008, the Indian Parliament passed a law allowing “Limited Liability Partnerships” (LLPs) in the country. The Limited Liability Partnership (LLP) Act of 2008 was the name given to the Act. LLP registration is done at an affordable cost in Solubilis.

Small and medium-sized businesses in general, and businesses in the services sector in particular, would benefit greatly from this format. LLPs are the most popular business structure worldwide, particularly for activities involving professionals or the service sector. Hence LLP registration is important.

Solubilis corporate services-Best Services for Barcode registration

A barcode is an image that can be read by a machine. It has digits and parallel lines that vary in width and spacing between them. Product numbers, serial numbers, and batch numbers can be encoded instantly using a barcode. Thus Barcode registration is important.


Operating a Barcode Registration has numerous advantages. The most important advantages of barcode registration for new business owners are listed below.

  • Reduces error;
  • convenient,
  • cost-effective
  •  optimizes inventory;
  • Saves time.

Solubilis corporate services-Best services for Patent registration

The process of submitting an application to register your invention under the Patent Act is known as patent registration. It grants you exclusive use of your invention in public.

It is a government-granted monopoly right that prevents anyone else from making, using, selling, or importing the patented product or process without first getting permission. The patent registration lasts for twenty years.

Solubilis corporate services-Best services for Copyright registration

A collection of rights that automatically vest in the creator of an original work of authorship, such as a book, song, movie, or software, is known as a copyright. The right to reproduce the work, create derivative works from it, distribute copies, and perform and display the work in public are all examples of these rights.


Copyright registration has the following features.

  • Under current law, copyright is the formation of a particular value. This law only applies to works that meet the requirements of this act; no other work is eligible for copyright.
  • The right to sell or otherwise distribute copies to the public is protected by a copyright, which is a type of creative property.
  • Copyright registration typically expires 70 years after.

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