Easiest way to incorporate a company in Chennai

An easiest way to incorporate a company in Chennai is provided in this blog ; also basic requirements for company registration and benefits.

The easiest way to incorporate a company in Chennai is through Solubilis- 100% online process with experienced professionals. The most popular business building in India is Limited Company. Registering a Private Limited Company in Chennai has many advantages compared to other business properties such as limited credit, endless sequence and acceptance is more.

Incorporate a company in Chennai : Chennai is the capital of the Province of Tamilnadu and is known as the “Indian Detroit”, as more than a third of the Indian automotive sector is based in Chennai and surrounding areas. Company Registration in Chennai is an online process with solubilis. With more than 11 years of experience in online company registration in Chennai at an affordable starting price, we have helped more than 20000 startups across India. Now with the help of our online order processing tool, we make company registrations in Chennai and anywhere in Tamilnadu very affordable and accessible to anyone interested in entrepreneurship for the comfort of your home. Company filing in Chennai is regulated by the Companies Act, 2013, and is regulated by the Department of Corporate Affairs (MCA) and is processed by the Central Registration Center (CRC). Today, the process of company registration in Chennai and other regulatory insertions is undocumented; documents are uploaded electronically through the MCA website and processed at the Central Registration Center (CRC).

The Company Registration process in Chennai is completely online. After completing all registration rules, the Registrar of Companies issues a Digital Signed Import Certificate (COI). Electronic certificates issued by the service can be verified by all participants on the MCA website itself. The inclusion of a company in Chennai is a systematic process of collecting and disseminating information required in accordance with the requirements of the Companies Act 2013 and in accordance with the procedure prescribed by the Department of Business Affairs from time to time. Process management requires an in-depth knowledge of legal requirements and not to mention, the same practical experience.

Company Registration Requirements in Chennai

There are certain requirements to register a company in Chennai at. The requirements and process for company registration in Chennai depends on the type of company, These are small shareholders and directors, etc. for different types of companies.

The basic requirements for company registration in Chennai are given below:

1. Shareholders

To register a Private Company in Chennai, there must be at least two shareholders. The original owner / shareholder must use the Memorandum and Association Documents to register the Company.

2. Directors

A Private Company must have at least two directors who may be appointed as directors of the company. Where a new company is registered with two or more existing companies or LLPs, the Promoter Company or LLP may appoint individuals as directors of the new company. One must have a valid DIN to be a company director.

3. Digital Signature Certificate

All integration is done through the MCA’s online application system, which is linked to a valid Digital Signature (DSC) certificate.

4. Company Name

The name of a private company name is Name (Name / Combined Name) + Voice Activity + Private Limited. Eg. Company Solubilis Private Limited Proposed Company Name will comply with Guidelines for Obtaining Company Name under the Companies Act 2013

You can check the availability of a company name in Chennai and make sure that no Company or LLP name is already registered with the same or similar name you are proposing.

How to choose a company name in Chennai? : The selection of a company or LLP is a very unpredictable activity in the process of starting a company with LLP. Naming a Business by a promoter is a good decision and the accreditation of a name by the Office of the Registrar of Companies is a legal decision.

How to Choose a Company or LLP Name in Chennai is a sensible process for an entrepreneur to do before starting the Company Registration process in Chennai

5. Share Big Money

The term Share Capital in the Company means the amount invested by the owners of the company to run the business.

No minimum fee is required (Authorization or Payment) to register a company. However, the registration fee payable to the Registrar of Companies depends on the different slabs of the company’s authorized fees.

6. Company Registered Office Address

Company Registration Office in Chennai refers to the official address of the company or its main business location. The Registered Office address will be used for all official communications of the company.

7. Starting a Business with a Company in Chennai

First Shareholders must submit a registered capital to the Company within 180 days of the establishment of the Company. The Company may commence business transactions only after submitting a notice to the Registrar that everyone who has registered for the memorandum shall pay the number of shares agreed to be taken by him or her.

Company Name Request

The applicant has two options to proceed with the Company name application.

Option 1. Obtain Company Name Authorization under the Application RUN process and proceed by Apply for Company Name Authorization first and go to Company Registration; or

Option 2. Submit an Integrated Company Registration Form.

Company name can be reserved through the SPICE installation process. In the case of a name request in the SPICE form, only one name may be submitted for approval. However, if the original word used is rejected, the request can be re-sent 2 times with other names.

Preparation and Submission of Company Integration Documents in Chennai through MCA

Under the SPICe installation process, the Chennai Company Consolidation Process consists of the repair and installation of flowing E-Forms:

  • A. E-Form INC-32 – Ease of Electronically Entering Company Proforma (SPICe)
  • B. E-Form INC-33: e-Memorandum of Association (SPICe MoA)
  • C. E-Form INC-34: e-Articles of Association (SPICe AoA)

All written / certified / certified documents in accordance with the requirements of the documents must be attached to the e-Form INC-32 / 33/34 and the e-Forms must be digitally signed with a Digital Signature (DSC) certificate for all the proposed. Shareholders / representatives.

There is NO Registration Fee payable to complete the e-Form INC-32 for all types of Companies in Chennai if the maximum authorized fee is less than or equal to Rs.15 Lakhs at the time of registration. However, the fee for completing the e-Form INC-33/34 and the stamp duty apply to the registration of any Company.

Processing of e-Forms by the office of the Central Registrar of Companies – Chennai

The Central Registration Center (CRC) processes the application and if it is found that the details / documents are in order, the Chief Registrar of Companies will register the Company and issue the following:

1. Company Installation Certificate

2. DIN of directors

3. Permanent account number (PAN)

4. Tax Collection and Withdrawal Number (TAN) in the New Company.

Benefits of Company Registration in Chennai

Best Business Trust and Acceptance

Private Limited Company is the most reliable and internationally accepted business organization as its structure is well known in the business community and the community.

Easy to use to attract Customers and Vendors

The Private Limited Company can attract more Customers. Also, corporate customers, Vendors and. Agencies prefer to work with a Private Limited Company rather than a partnership or Proprietorship.

Ease of Raising Fund for Investors

Private Limited Company is the best business model to attract investors to Angel Investors, Venture Capitalists and Private Equity Investors. The investment community prefers Private limited Company funding over LLP. OPC cannot raise money to t

Investor Preferred Business Structure

Investors will always prefer a Private limited Company as the Private Limited Company’s share structure is directly linked to Equity / Preference share investments.

It’s easy to attract employees

Skilled employees prefer to work with organized business plans. It is easy for a Private Limited Company to attract and retain technical staff with organized Employee Stock Option Plans (ESOP).

Limited Risks of Business Liability

Private Limited Company is a limited liability organization. Shareholder debt is limited to the level of shares held in the company and ends when the payment is made. In the case of ownership and partnership, owner and partner h

Protection of Personal Property for Owners

As owners’ debt is limited, their assets are protected from business risks as the company’s liability is not the owner’s responsibility. The shareholders and directors of the Private limited Company are not personally responsible for the businesses. To know more about private limited company in chennai, click here.