How to start a Private Limited Company in Chennai?

How to start a private limited company in chennai? A private limited company is an attractive business model because it is a company with a payout share capital of at least 1 lakh. For a merger, the company needs at least 2 directors. However, the shares of the company are privately owned and cannot be traded publicly. If the company […]

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Online Private limited company registration in T.Nagar-Chennai

Online Private limited company registration in T.Nagar-Chennai is the most prevalent and well known corporate legal entity in India. Private Limited Company Registration is done under Companies Act, 2013 and the Companies Incorporation Rules, 2014. To have private limited company registration in Chennai, at least two shareholders and two directors are required. MCA has recently implemented major changes in this […]

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Private limited company registration in Chennai- Never Underestimate its impact

privileges and exemptions enjoyed by the private company

Private limited company is a company which is held for small businesses. It is the most preferred form of company organisation in India. The characteristics that form the private limited company are the members, limited liability, and perpetual succession. Also index of members, paid up capital, prospectus, minimum subscription and name constitute the features of the private limited company. Private […]

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Privileges and exemptions enjoyed by a private companies

  Privileges and exemptions enjoyed by a private companies   (1) Under the section (12) two or more members (but not exceeding) may from a private company privileges. (2) Allotment of shares without announcing a prospectus or delivering to the registrar. An explanation in lieu of prospectus is permissible under the section (70). (3)Under the section(77) it can advance loans […]

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Conversion of private company into public company under the act 1956

public company converted into private company The companies act 1956 under the provision of section 43(A) of deemed public company is converted into a private company. The conversion of private company into public company may be either automatic or there may be any positive and true reasons for the modification.The difference between public company and private company in the matter […]

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Private Limited Company Registration enjoyed by Privileges

Privileges Enjoyed by Private Limited Company Registration   The basic differences between private companies and public companies whether privileges or otherwise will at least suggest better case of formation of private companies over public companies and the association of a private company restrict the transfer of shares but there is no restriction for public company transferable. The minimum number of […]

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