Online Private limited company registration in T.Nagar-Chennai

Online Private limited company registration in T.Nagar-Chennai is the most prevalent and well known corporate legal entity in India. Private Limited Company Registration is done under Companies Act, 2013 and the Companies Incorporation Rules, 2014. To have private limited company registration in Chennai, at least two shareholders and two directors are required. MCA has recently implemented major changes in this process and made it much easier to incorporate an organization. In this article, we will examine the Private Limited Company registration process and the required documents in detail. To register a private limited company, at least two adult persons are required to serve as directors of the company. Two people are also required to act as shareholders of a company. The shareholders may be natural persons or an artificial legal entity. Therefore, a company can be owned by two corporates residing in India or abroad.

Minimum paid up and authorized capital

Private limited company registration in Chennai specifies about the minimum paid up capital.

Payment capital: The amount of actual shares that a company issues to its shareholders. The ability to issue more shares depends on the authorized capital of the company.

Authorized Capital: This is the maximum number of shares a company can issue. Raising authorized capital requires approval from shareholders and payment of fees to the government.

Types of Private limited Company

The private limited company registration in t nagar Chennai states that there are three types of companies. They are:

  1. Companies are limited by shares
  2. Companies are limited by guarantee
  3. Unlimited companies

Companies limited by shares: The shares of a company are owned by at least two or more shareholders or members.A company limited by shares, the company in which its members are responsible, is limited to the amount unpaid on the shares they hold. The Company may execute its obligations upon its existence or at its conclusion. Companies limited by shares end up with a limited term, which informs us that this company has limited liabilities. This means that the liability of shareholders is limited by the shares they hold.All companies limited by shares must be legally registered under the Companies Act 2013.

Companies limited by guarantee: This is a business structure that is seen as a legal entity and is responsible for its own debts. The company has members and not shareholders who are limited by guarantee. It is a company with no share capital. Such companies have a separate legal entity, which means that the purchase and sale of property, public employment, and borrowing can be carried out in the name of the company. Private limited company registration in west mambalam Chennai states that this structure is legally preferred to most non-profit organizations, NGOs, clubs and other similar organizations. These companies are non-profit because profits are not distributed to members but retained in the organization.

Unlimited Shares: An organization that is unlimited by shares has no limit on the liability of its members. One such type of company is a merged hybrid company with or without share capital. There is no limit to the legal liability of shareholders or members. The shareholders’ liability for the company’s debts is unlimited. In the case of debt, there is no separation between shareholders’ personal and corporate resources. There is also maximum exposure to hazards. Apart from private limited company registration in chennai, we also involve in opc registration in chennai.

Process of Private limited company registration in Chennai

Obtain a Digital Signature Certificate (DSC) – All shareholders and directors of a proposed private company must obtain a DSC to electronically sign the forms.

Apply for Director Identification Number (DIN)private limited company registration in Chennai now needs to file Form DIR-3 on the official portal of MCA to get the unique Director Identification Number (DIN).

Reserve Unique Name (RUN) Form Filed– As mentioned earlier, the proposed company can give the registrar two name options on a preferential basis. Check that the name does not resemble any other existing private company and that the name is available. Name Approval Fee INR1000, which you can pay when applying for RUN Form.

Submit Company Incorporation Form– Once you have received the name approval, it is time to fill out the SPICe Form (INC-32) to merge the private limited company. The INC-32 form also facilitates pan & tan for private limited company registration in Chennai.

Document Verification– Therefore, the ROC examines the Incorporation Form and all supporting documents to verify its validity.

Issuance of Certificate– For private limited company registration in Chennai only if the Registrar is satisfied with the information provided; He issues a Certificate of Incorporation with CIN, PAN & TAN to the newly formed company.

Bank Account Opening– After obtaining the incorporation certification, the company has to open a current bank account in its name.

Advantages of private limited company registration in Chennai

Constrained liability

Constrained liability refers to the state of being legally capable of a limited amount for the liabilities of the organization. The advantage of owning a privately held company is that investors’ budget risk is limited to their offers. This element receives the personal resources and salary of the investor in case of money related emergencies facing the company. Thus, if a private limited company is in bad shape and needs to be shut down, investors do not risk losing their own interests. Apart from other services, we also involve in partnership firm registration in bangalore.

Continued existence

Another preferred perspective of the private detention agency is that it is still alive even after the owner bites the dust or leaves the business. Private blocked companies merge. When a business is fused, it becomes an autonomous legal entity that means it can sue or claim resources that are isolated from the company owner. Apart from private limited company registration in chennai, we also involve in llp registration in chennai.

Insulated Property

As a legal element a company is sufficient to have its assets and distinctive features. The company is a real person, all the property in their hands is entrusted and the sole niche for such an organization to control, monitor and establish the property in the hands of the company.

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Fund Raising

Private limited company registration in Tambaram Chennai specifies that under the Companies Act 2013, a privately owned business can generally make offers to the public or publicly identify stores and therefore fundraising is simpler than different types of business construction. The financing business practices of an organization vary. In addition, since companies are represented by a specific law and are required to adhere to strict disclosure standards, they accordingly appreciate great recognition value for different budget foundations. Permitted investors are allowed up to two hundred and another two hundred individuals, these many numbers and the notoriety of a private limited company makes it less demanding to bring in capital support as opposed to a variety of companies. To know more about private limited company registration in chennai, click here.