Company Registration Form With The Effect Of Registration

Company Registration And Incorporation Of a Company The company registration form of the initial organizational of the association is named the number of the persons is to be noticed. The particulars complete details of each member to the letter along with information of character as may be advised. The first director of the company person is mentioned their complete details […]

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Trademark Registration Opposition Procedure

Trademark Registration   We discussed the trademark registration opposition procedure of consideration. When an operation for trademark registration in the provision of section (19) has been accepted as The operation has not been argued and the time for notice of action has expired. The operation has been argued and the action has been selected in regard of the candidate. On […]

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FSSAI (Food Safety and Standards Authority of India ) Act 2006

The Food safety and standards act 2006 is accepted under Food Safety and Standards Authority of India (FSSAI ). This food related issues are handled in different ministries and departments. The FSSAI has various Acts such as Fruit produces order 1955, Food adulteration Act 1954, Meat produces order 1973, Edible flour order and De-oiled meal 1967, Solvent exacted oil, Milk products […]

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