Trademark register act with the registered trademark

The trademark register

The Trademark registry and offices thereof

  • The function of this act shall be an trademark register and trademark registry formed under the trade and merchandise marks act, 1958 shall be the registered trademark of this act.
  • The trademark registry of the head office at the part of the government may define the scope of promoting the trademark registration that may provide the part of the government may able to decide branch offices at the trademark registry.
  • The government may suggest in the official gazette that define territorial limitsĀ  which has an office of the trademark registry may test its functions.

The Trademark Register act

  • The head office of the trademark registry shall be kept at the trademark register has a report of an functions of this act. The trademark registration shall enter with the address and names with the description of the properties.
  • The registered trademark of a user has a notification of position and transmissions with the names, address and description. Where the trademark register user has a condition, limitations and such other element describing to the registered trademarks as may be prescribed.
  • The management and control of the registrar shall be kept under the trademark register.
  • Under the section (2) of such register is managed totally or partly on the computer of any allusion of this act to entry in the trademark register shall be constructed as they mentioned to any entry as maintained on computer or other electronic form.
  • However the subsection (1) is contained anything and it shall be lawful for the trademark register to keep the records totally or partly on a computer floppy disk or in any other electronic form likely to such securities as may be prescribed.
  • No respect of any trust shall communicate or indirect or effective that have entered in the registration trademark and no such note shall be receivable by the trademark register.
  • Then each branch office shall be kept at the trademark registry copy of the register and the other documents mentioned in the section 148 as the government may notify their registration in Chennai at the official gazette direct .
  • The trademark register shall exist onset of this act shall be consolidated and form part of the register under this act.