The trademark registration certificate under the section 23

Trademark Registration CertificateTrademark registration certificate

The registration certificate is to be provided by the registrar under the section 23 in the form of O-2 with such alteration as the details of any case may need and the registrar shall annex a copy of the certificate to the registration trademark.The registration certificate is assigned in the rule of (1) and that have to be used in legal business or for the earning registration board.

The duplicate copy of a certificate may issue by the registrar and further copies of the registration certificate on call by the registered proprietor in form TM-59 followed by the prescribed fee.The registration of trademark represents an unmounted of mark exactly shown in the application of form for registration thereof at the time of registration shall guide such request.

The trademark registration certificate is issued under sub rule (1) has not been collected by the registered proprietor with the case of the evidence of that certificate is satisfied by the registrar and issue a duplicate copy of the registration certificate without any further payment of fees.

To provide that such duplicate or copy of trademark registration certificate shall be issued ,where such application is collected after the result of the time limit for renewal of registration and renovation of the trademark registration.

Certificate of registration

The trademark registration certificate is conducted after a candidate has been examined and posture any further information on his application and which the registrar may regard significant has been collected and if the registrar grants the applicant eligible and qualified for trademark registration as an agent in Chennai.

The prescribed fee of his registered trademark may pay for the agent send a statement of that effect applicant and it announced any person.Upon receipt of the prescribed fee the registrar shall purpose the applicant’s name to be entered in the register of trademark agents in Chennai and shall issue to him a trademark registration certificate in form 0-4 of his registration as a trademark agent.