The effect of registration of a company

Effect of registrationEffect of Registration

On the registration of the message of a company, the company is registered shall certify by the registrar under his hand in the case of a limited company and that company is limited and it is mentioned in the certificate of registration company from the date of incorporation.

The subscribers of such communication and other persons as may be the members of the company shall be a body collective by the name contained in the message is capable right away from operating all the functions of a registered company and having permanent series and a common seal is effect.The companies act is mentioned that liability on the part of such members is being injured in the events.

Effect of registration of company

A new legal nature appears from the date of registration of a company and that stage the persons from subscribing to the directive of corporation and joining as members of other persons are considered as a body or combined a corporation with begins the new legal persons as an entity to function.

Under the provision of the act, a controlling company, thus becomes another company of the shares purchased by a company. However, only because a company purchase all shares of another company will not deliver as a means of inserting an term to the corporate aspect of another company and each company is a separate juristic entity.

Whether a company is a corporation

The word corporation of section 34 of the companies act has been used in the code of civil form to mention. Under this section a company is registered and the registrar of company certifies under his fact of such registration in Chennai. The effect of registration is that the company becomes a body of corporate having constant succession and a common seal.