The Incorporation of a company membership

Incorporation of a companyThe Incorporation of a company

The company registration in the section 34 and 35 in the case of a limited company that is registered by the registrar to provide an incorporation of a company. The registration of a company is incorporated, the registrar issue a certificate of that company is registered.From the date of incorporation is mentioned in the certificate of incorporation of a company body corporate by the name contained in the letter.

  • The incorporation of a company is capable of exercising all functions
  • It has a constant progression with common seal

The registration of incorporation of a company with the liability on the part of the members to give to the assets of the company is mentioned in this act in the case of its being wound up. The registrar as given that the certificate of registration in regard of any company shall be precise informed that all the specifications of this act have been compiled with registration.

From the moment of registration of a company that person subscribing the memorandum of association and other persons joining as members of the company regarded as a body corporate.

The Membership of a company

The incorporation of a company has a membership with their registration to form a company. The section (42) provides a  company registration member cannot be a body corporate of his holding company that has any allocation or removal of shares in a company of its additional shall be invalid.The subsidiary is concerned as the legal model of a departed member of the holding company.

The subsidiary is interested has a company agent unless a subsidiary is concerned as a recipient in the holding company under the trust of a subsidiary. If the subsidiary is not interested by way of a transaction purposes for the security into entering by in the normal way of a company that covers the money is to be lent.

The section (42) does not prevent a secondary company from continuing to be a member of its holding company with their registration  in Chennai, but except in cases referred to in the subsection thereof. The subsidiary shall have no right to vote at a meeting of any class of members in the holding company.