Where to apply for Logo Registration in Chennai | Brand Registration

In this blog, we are going to confer on the query Where to apply for Logo Registration in Chennai and Brand Registration in chennai.

A Logo registration in Chennai can be described as a unique identity that sets your product or service apart from others. The combination of logo, image, symbol, word, tone, scent and color or graphics can be unique. Many businesses usually try to register either a logo or a name. The only way to protect yourself as a unique identity is to patent it if you develop a unique idea or logo. Intellectual property or intangible assets of a company are registered trademarks. It acts as a safety cover for an investment in the name of a logo or product.

Trademarks of India are licensed by the Department of Industry and Commerce, Government of India, Petrol, Design and the Comptroller General of Trademarks. Under an act called The Trademark Act, 1999, you can register a trademark. Registration requires people who want to create a copy of the logo to use. Therefore, no one else will be able to use the same brand for a licensed person. When a trademark is registered, the R symbol may be used, valid for ten years after the date of registration.

Who can apply for a trademark in Chennai?

Articles such as sounds, logos, words, phrases, colours, pictures, symbols or initials, trademarks or a combination thereof may be used in accordance with the rules of Indian trademarks. It will also be used to differentiate the company from others.

Private companies, people, businesses, LLPs or NGOs can register a trademark in Chennai. The trademark will be submitted for licensing on behalf of the NGO, LLP or company concerned in case of business.

Trademark filing process in Chennai

Logo registration in Chennai: You should use the trademark director to help you find your trademark. You should also review the identity and brand name whose choice you make sure it is not currently listed under any other name. When it is determined to be exclusive, the trademark can be licensed. You should find a way to change it so that your card cannot be canceled if your logo or company name is registered.

Class Selection: You must use the appropriate name when applying for registration. In a specific segment of the market, a company name allows you to trade under a specific brand name. About 45 sectors exist, and each industry is listed – products and services are registered in 45 different groups with a trademark registry. The correct class will use for each logo registration in chennai or brand name.

Preparation for Submission: You must continue the application by first drafting an authorization letter, making sure that the name or logo is unique and registered. This helps them to license the trademark on your behalf. The letter can be signed and returned to us.

Trademark compliance documents are required.

Properly signed authentication certificate enables us to file a trademark on your behalf. We start preparing the papers, apply the application electronically, and then pay for it after receiving the authorization letter. You will receive an approval email as soon as possible, and will use the TM symbol. The documents to be submitted while applying for sign registration are as follows:

  •  Name of the applicant
  •  Type of business
  •  Business goals
  •  Brand, slogan or slogan name
  •  Registration address
  •  Brand identity and proof
  •  Use of t line with logo
  • Form 48

Important information about the process for trademark in Chennai

Today, with the advent of technological advances, trademark registration in Chennai can be easily done online. Before reaching the registry office fee, you will get the support of the registration label agent to file the file online.

Codification process in Vienna: Codification of Vienna is an important step in the labelling process. International classification is provided once the application form is filled. Your registration application will now be marked “Codification to be sent to Vienna”.

Trademark Review: The trademark examiner reviews the label of compliance with the rules and protocols until a brand registration in chennai patent is approved for registration in Vienna. At its discretion, the officer may accept or reject the application.

Talk to the Registrar / Officer of Trademarks: If the application of brand registration in bangalore is denied, the claimant may attend the hearing. If the officer agrees through the submitted documents, the recommendation will be forwarded. When the officer is not convinced, the appeal is again denied, when you are not fully convinced of the reason for the rejection, the intellectual property appeals board, which was approached.

Step by step trademark registration technique

Stage 1: Quest for a trademark

Trademark search uncovers a wide range of trademarks that are now accessible on the lookout, enlisted or unregistered. The pursuit further uncovers whether there is rivalry for a similar trademark in the material trademark.

Stage 2: To document a trademark application

The application for trademark registration in coimbatore relies altogether upon the labour and products to which the business relates, either in a solitary class or in a multi-class.

The registration application structure is TM-A which can be documented either online either through the authority IP India site or truly on the Trademarks Office Charge, which is liable to trademark ward.

Stage 3: Assessment of trademark application by government authority

In the wake of documenting the trademark application, a required assessment report is given by the analyst after a point by point assessment of the trademark application as per the rules of the Trademark Act, 2016.

The assessment report by the Authority could possibly reveal certain complaints, which might be finished, important or procedural. The report of this assessment is given by the Trademark Authority inside 30 days of documenting the registration application.

Stage 4: After the test

In the wake of documenting the response to the assessment report, the analyst (Trademark Authority) may designate a consultation on the off chance that he/she isn’t completely happy with the appropriate response submitted or if the complaints are not fulfilled. After this meeting, the analyst may acknowledge those imprints and afterward forward the application for distribution to the diary or reject the above application if any complaint actually endures. To know more on ie code registration in chennai, click here.

Stage 5: Report the trademark

When the application for registration is acknowledged, the trademark is promoted and furthermore distributed in the Diary of Trademarks for a time of 4 months. The reason behind the distribution and notice is to welcome the overall population to challenge the registration of the sign.

Stage 6: Resistance from the overall population

Post a commercial and distribution of a trademark in a diary, any attacker may record a notification to fight the registration of the publicized/distributed trademark. To know more about ssi registration in chennai, click here.This notification of resistance to the trademark should be documented by Structure TM-O inside 4 months of the distribution of the imprint in the Trademark Diary. On the off chance that there is a complaint/issue with the trademark application, the fair treatment of law should be continued in which the logo registration can be enrolled alongside the accommodation of counter-proclamation application, proof just as hearing.

Stage 7: Register the trademark

The last advance towards the entire cycle is registration where the application moves towards registration in the wake of winning the protest and/or resistance to the registration of the enrolled trademark.

Also, if there is no issue with trademark registration during the long stretches of notice/distribution period, at that point the trademark is given an endorsement of auto-produced registration during a time of multi week. When the registration is finished, it is substantial for a time of 10 years, after which it should be re-established during the endorsed period. To know more on patent registration in chennai, click here.