Where to apply for Logo Registration in Chennai | Brand Registration

In this blog, we are going to confer on the query Where to apply for Logo Registration in Chennai and Brand Registration in chennai.

A Logo registration in Chennai can be described as a unique identity that sets your product or service apart from others. The combination of logo, image, symbol, word, tone, scent and color or graphics can be unique. Many businesses usually try to register either a logo or a name. The only way to protect yourself as a unique identity is […]

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The use of a trademark

Use of the mark in relation to goods or services Section (2) says that the mark may be used “upon or in any physical or in any other relation to such goods” which shows that a mark need not necessarily be depicted or represented and separately applied to an existing article. The trademark must be visible at the time of […]

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Company registration vs trademark registration

The laws that rules the points of company registration means registration of business names and trademarks manage separately. Every business person knows that a company registration or LLP registration would protect their business or brand name. But, trademark registration is also plays a major role in your business. Here we discuss in this article about the difference between company registration […]

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