Company registration vs trademark registration

The laws that rules the points of company registration means registration of business names and trademarks manage separately. Every business person knows that a company registration or LLP registration would protect their business or brand name. But, trademark registration is also plays a major role in your business. Here we discuss in this article about the difference between company registration vs trademark registration.

Company Registration

Company registration vs

Company registration is the creation of artificial judicial person or a separate legal entity. The company registration under the companies act 2013 forms a business entity. Generally, two peoples are required for company registration. The registration can be completed within 20 working days in Chennai. Once a company is registered, a certificate of incorporation will be issued by the registrar. Its getting other registrations like Service Tax Registration, TIN Registration, etc., There are many business entities in India.

Trademark Registration

Trademark Registration in Chennai

Trademark registration is the procedure to get unique company mark. It is to be registered under the Trademark Act of India. The trademark registration gives ownership of intellectual property, rights to the complete use of registered trademark. The right to obtain legal protection in case of infringement of their trademark. A trademark contains words, slogans, numerals, business names and signs. The trademark registration process may takes more than 12 months. Although, a trademark registration application is filed with the registrar. The TM symbol can be used with your logo or business name.

Company Registration vs Trademark Registration


company registration in chennai

Company registration is the creation of a separate legal entity, whereas trademark registration mentions to the registration of an intellectual property. Trademark registration assigns legal rights for the use of a mark. A company is free to register a trademark more than once. Company or LLP registration can create a legal entity for business activity procedures. Today, every business needs proper registration procedures. So, all the company must registered their business name.

Once the company is registered, the Ministry of Corporate Affairs (MCA) does not allow a Company to registered their same name. The trademark registration is not required, if the name of the business still used. Therefore, it is recommended that the business name should be trademarked. For every new company registration, the company is also registered their brand name or logo.

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