The Benefits of Design Registration with their Requirements

The Design measure as the component of pattern, color, shape or configuration tested in the dimensional forms.It is not to be designated with the safety of its components during the products normal uses for an industrial or handicraft products. The first design registration act was executed in India was the design and patterns protection act 1872.

The design is for your detail ideas such as model or prototype, pictorial illustration can be accepted as designs. The design it must be visually appealing not for an artistic work.Once your design registration is registered you have the legal rights and no one should not interface your designs.But you must register your design under the design act 2000.


Design Registration in Chennai

Definition of Intellectual Property

The intellectual property means is the performance of your creative mind such as designs for industrial units, artistic work and creation  which are used in business. The intellectual property is the decision of a  person’s mental actions.The intellectual property is the use of protecting basic argument that require some incentives and acceptance.To secure their creative property they must be give some function of their process through trust. The industrial property are known as trademark, design and pattern.

The categories of intellectual property :

  • Industrial Design
  • To secure confidential information
  • Copyright
  • Geographical Sign
  • Trademarks
  • Patent
  • Layout Designs of integrated circuits

Trademark Registration in Chennai

Why Design Registration

The design act is to secure your original design and new designs is to be applicable of your modern developments and your earned objects is sometimes effected in the presence. The value of design registration is to see that the originator, creator, artisan, having their attractive look design is not applying others to their goods in Chennai.

The Essential Requirements of Design Registration

  1. Before the registration of design it should be original or new and it is not used or previously published in any countries including Chennai.
  2. The design must be an configuration, shape , ornament or pattern.The following designs are not registered under the act such as layouts and installations, industrial plans.
  3. The industrial process of any objects is to be applied or applicable in the design.The designs of an artistic work is not excluded under the Act.
  4. The copyright act 1957, the following designs are not included they are artistic work, property mark or trademark.