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FSSAI registration in T-Nagar Chennai City does major work like Surveillance and Regulatory Food Testing. Provides information for risk assessment and subsequent development of food standards and guidance documents. It also carries out the work development, validation, verification and harmonization of sampling and testing protocols. The FSSAI has 261 laboratories to carry out test. It is almost doubled from 138 in 2014. In the past three years 1166 personnel are given general training. For specialized training 388 were involved. Totally in 60 programmes these trainings were given. FSSAI registration in T-Nagar Chennai City sets up one major goal; one product, one set of parameters and one test method. Finally 15 methods of analysis have been given for FSSAI. Those manual are Manual on Milk and Milk products, Manuals on oils and fats, Manual on Food and vegetable products, Manual on cereal and cereal products, Manual on food additives, Manual on mycotoxins, Manual on spices and condiments, Manual on metals, Manual on General guidelines and sampling, Manual on antibiotics and hormone residues, Manual meat and fish, Manual on pesticide residues, Manual on water analysis, Manual of Method of analysis of food- Alcoholic beverages, Method of analysis of fortification in food products.

Good food is right not a privilege. It brings positive relationship with health, community and environment- Alice Waters.

FSSAI Registration in T-Nagar Chennai City

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Such food must be very much good in quality. Here the food is with good quality means it is very safe to consume and does not give any negative effects in the body. The food what we cook need some safety measures. But the shops which produce, sells food stuffs to the people must have quality to it. Such quality is assured by FSSAI. It is Food Safety and Standards Authority of India. It has been established under Food Safety and Standards Authority of India. FSSAI registration in T-Nagar Chennai City gives details about Food safety vans in the country. There are about 44 food safety vans. Those vans are used to emphasize food safety in every remote area which includes all the new terms of GST . It consists of lab. Testing are done on milk, edible oil and water which are the daily use. Training is also given to carry out these tests and awareness is created.

Indian Food Laboratory Network

FSSAI registration in T-Nagar Chennai City explains about INFoLNET is web enabled system connecting all food testing lab in the country. It gives access to FSSAI and non FSSAI approved lab to publish their test reports. Reports are submitted online for various types of samples like compliance, surveillance, enforcements, import and citizen. This information are readily available for FSSAI for the verification and analysis. Food license in Chennai is granted for suppliers, distributers, free packers and any other outlets who are all involved in food industry. There are 3 types of food license. Basic, State and Central. For basic registration the turnover not exceeding 12 lakh per annum. Food license in Chennai is granted for State when annual turnover between 12lakh to 20 crore. Central license is given when turnover is more than 20 crore. Mostly it is given to e commerce business.

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Food license in Chennai

Food license in Chennai says soon after submitting your application you will be granted Acknowledgement with reference number. This is enough to run food shops. But after some time you will be given FSSAI certificate. Food license is a permit to carry out business. To have legal advantage in the food industry you definitely need this license. Nowadays consumer has got awareness since it is popularly spoken about food safety.  The inquisitive readers may have doubt that the roadside vendors have this license to sell. Food license in Chennai says No may not be. All kind of company registrations are done by us. But a good food vendor has the responsibility to give quality food for the people. If he obtains the license from Food license in Chennai then it implies that the vendor abides the law and he is responsible citizen who is very conscious on people’s health. Food license in Chennai helps in obtaining license so that food industry has some standard to it.

How to obtain FSSAI registration in T-Nagar Chennai City?

FSSAI license is important so as to ensure credibility among the public. It is applied online. Also FSSAI license in Chennai says what the required details to be filled online form are. Firstly the name of the applicant, Postal pin code, company, Company address, state in which the company is running and the district in which the company is running. Of course email id, mobile phone number is required for completing the application form for obtaining FSSAI license in Chennai. Then an account is created successfully where you have to select FSSAI license option and accept the terms and conditions. And select the state and also select category . We register all kind of patent registrations & logo registrations in chennai . After ‘click apply’ and enter the required form Then payment gateway is there for you to make payment. After paying you will get the FSSAI license. This process and guidance is given by FSSAI license in Chennai. People may have doubt whether the certificate verification is done online or manually. But it depends upon the officer. And also before expiry the renewal has to be done. FSSAI license in Chennai does this work for you. FSSAI registration in T-Nagar Chennai City says the commonly used food analysis method is mass spectrometry. It is usually coupled with liquid or gas chromatography. Also for setting up testing laboratory it requires five steps. They are laboratory accreditation and the documents for regulatory. Proficiency testing, developing sampling plan and understanding requirements.

RAFT – FSSAI registration in T-Nagar Chennai City

Rapid Analytical Food Test commonly called as RAFT is explained by FSSAI registration in Chennai in which the spot test is done on the food. We also involve in copyright registration in chennai. During the festival period many food adulterations are there involved. South Asian foods that are solid are semi solid may be involved for testing. FSSAI registration in Chennai says that only the items which are mentioned in FBO can get the food license in Chennai. Machines must be cleaned regularly and if there are any changes are there in FBO must notify in FSSAI. They should involve technical and professionals to test. FSSAI registration in T-Nagar Chennai City insists to have daily records of raw materials used.


If any authorised person examines access has to be provided to the person. And once in every six months the test should be carried out. FSSAI registration in Chennai ensures whether it is carried away properly. We also undergo trademark registration in chennai. Research and quality assurance must be made so as to give the certificate to the qualified person and ensure the produced food is safe to consume. FSSAI registration in T-Nagar Chennai City assists you in achieving it. For more details on food license or fssai registration in chennai, click here.