The Company Registration and the Relationship of Directors

Company Registration of Directors

The directors stand in fiduciary relationship with the company registration services and they are the trustees of the company and hence they must not do anything which affects unfairly the rights of the company registration in Chennai.Where a leader of a company has rule of the assets of the company registration holds them for a specific purpose with in the meaning of section (10) of the limitation act 1963. He is not only a useful agent in the sense that he has become a trustee by reason of a director, but he is in fact a trustee because a company registration can only operate through its directors.

Company Registration in Chennai

Company Registration Of Fiduciary

As to the scope of the fiduciary nature of the relationship directors have been held to be sometimes agents of the company registration in Chennai.They are also implied to be trustees so far as the company’s property and its funds in their hands are connected. The law considered and created them as trustees of money, which comes into their hands and once it is proved that they have misapplied or mistreat such money held liable to make great those monies in the process of company registration services.

Directors of a private limited company registration are the creatures of the statue and occupy a position peculiar to themselves.On the facts of that directors were in some sense fiduciary in relation to the company registration was decided that the powers of the directors.The directors who made some profits by virtue of their position involving a cinema house and a ancillary company registration, it was held that the test of equity, which hold on those who by a user of a fiduciary position make a profit should report to it, is not poor on graft or absence of benefits but by virtue of their position as trustee in the relationship of company registration services in Chennai.

Company Registration in Chennai

The Company Registration Organizer

An organizer is the managing associate of the thing and although a liability is due to the concern do not think it is right to call him a trustee of that debt, which remains unpaid, though his liability in respect of it may in certain cases and in some respects be analogous to the liability of a trustee in the name of company registration service.

In the case of a credit in a company’s bank account which the directors are authorized to operate are moneys of the company under the control of those directors and are held by them in trust for the company registration in accordance with its purposes.

The fiduciary duties of directors are basically identical with those applying to any other fiduciary and discussed in works on trusts and company registration in Chennai. Such work has truly once been trading with briefly in relation to directors and the particular importance of the subject makes it desirable to discuss it here in greater detail of the company registration and the relationship of a director.