5 Things you must know on Private limited company registration in Chennai

This blog is a collection of 5 Things you must know on Private limited company registration in Chennai along with steps to form a company.

5 Things you must know on Private limited company registration in Chennai- As per the MCA Annual Data Reports, more than 10,000+ private limited companies are framed each month! Private Limited Company is viewed as a well-known corporate business substance among little, medium and enormous companies in India. Many don’t have the foggiest idea about the Private Limited Company Registration Process and what are the necessary systems, records which is required while shaping a private limited company. Company Formation isn’t enough you want to follow 30 Days Compliance after Incorporation Of Company which many companies neglect to follow and they end up with gigantic punishments!

We should first breakdown to comprehend about Private Limited Company. “Private” signifies it confines the general population to purchase the company shares while in the event of a public limited company it permits the general population to purchase the company shares. “Limited” means Company’s investors which can be least 2 and most extreme 200 are obligated for its obligation. The investors can be an individual or an company including unfamiliar companies. The investors can’t offer their portions to the overall population over stock trade.

The base capital expected for the private limited companies as per Section 2, Clause 68, Companies Act 2013 is 1 Lakh. The primary benefit of setting up a private limited company is that assuming an company goes into the misfortune, the investors are at risk to offer the offers to recuperate the misfortune. The investor’s very own resources are not at the gamble which is the fundamental justification for why the greater part of the companies pick a private limited company registration in chennai.

Steps to form a private limited company

Stage 1: Obtain a Digital Signature Certificate (DSC). The initial step is to get DSC (i.e) Digital Signature Certificate for the directors engaged with the private limited company. The principle reason for the DSC is to sign the e-forms . As per, The Information Technology Act, 2000 has arrangements for utilization of Digital Signatures on the reports submitted in electronic structure to guarantee the security and realness of the records documented electronically. This is a solid and genuine method for presenting an archive electronically. DSC is compulsory for every one of the directors in the company.

How You Can Obtain DSC?

You can get DSC by straightforwardly moving toward Certifying Authorities (CAs) with unique supporting reports, and self-confirmed duplicates will be adequate. Working Days: 1 to 3 Days. For opc company registration in chennai, click here.

  • 1. Filing of MOA and AOA, SPICE INC-32 After enlisting DSC, You really want to confirm your company name on MCA Portal – > MCA Services – > Check Company Name Note: Your Company name ought not be enrolled and ought not be taken. Whenever taken, guarantee that your company name ought not be same as brand name. then, for name endorsement there are 2 choices: 1. Run endorsement: With run (Reserve Unique Name) endorsement you can guarantee whether or not the name is accessible. Be that as it may, this strategy doesn’t permit you to resubmit whenever it is submitted. In the event that name gets dismissed you can resubmit by paying Rs.1000 for every accommodation.
  • 2. Document through SPICe INCE – 32 structure: Incorporating an company through Simplified Proforma for Incorporating Company electronically (SPICe – INC-32), with eMoA (INC-33), eAOA (INC-34), is the default choice and most companies are expected to be fused through SPICe as it were. With SPICe INC-32 you can resubmit twice. Working Days: 7 – 9 Days.
  • 3. Issue the Incorporation Certificate: Once MOA and AOA are endorsed, you will get fuse authentication which will incorporate the date of consolidation and PAN number of the company. Working Days: 1 – 5 Days. To know more on llp company registration in chennai, click here.
  • 4. GET PAN and TAN Applications Once you get joining declaration, you will get PAN and TAN application by MCA. Working Days: 1 – 3 Days. Definitely! Your Company is presently enlisted!

Benefits of private limited company registration

  • It is a totally separated lawful body. Under this kind of company, the individuals are not at risk to the lenders for obligations. It is a different legitimate body with no connection to its individuals.
  • The company can keep on existing even after the downfall of any of its part. Since the company is a different lawful unit, it empowers never-ending progression assuming such circumstance at any point emerges.
  • Private Limited Company gives small obligation and is legally responsible for a limited measure of obligations for a company. The responsibility including the individuals from a company is limited to the presumptive worth of offers in activity. Thus, the individuals are seen as at risk just for the sum neglected on their portions.
  • Also, Private Limited Company registration in chennai ensures a simple administration of offers, The Company offers can be moved by an investor to some other person. On effective marking and documenting of an offer exchange structure, offers can be moved and can be given over to the purchaser of the offers joined by the offer authentication.
  • A Private Limited Company might buy, dispose of or use a property at its own cost. The company is the sole proprietor for this situation. Moreover, the investors have no case on the property.
  • As the company is a self-overseeing body and lawfully bound unit, it is feasible to utilize and be utilized in specific situations.
  • Under this kind of company, it is feasible to foster a real agreement with its individuals. An individual might work as a director, a worker or an investor, at the same time.
  • This sort of limited company permits investors to handily redesign their capital venture. 200 individuals are permitted, to raise their assets. Accordingly, in the event of a private limited company, the openness is more noteworthy. Furthermore, applying for advances from the bank is likewise advantageous.
  • Private Limited Company furnishes with a few assessment benefits. The company pays charge on available profit which is additionally assuaged from raised individual annual expense charges.
Some requirements for the private limited company


A base number of two and a most extreme number of 200 individuals or investors are expected according to the company’s demonstration 2013 preceding enrolment of the company. For all kind of company registration in chennai, click here.


A base number of two directors is expected for enlisting the private limited companies Every one of the directors ought to have DIN for example director recognizable proof number which is given by the service of corporate undertakings. One of the directors should be an occupant of India which implies he/she ought to have remained in India for at the very least 182 days in a past schedule year.


-It is one of the significant parts of a private limited company. The name of the organization contains three segments for instance the name, the activity, and private restricted organization. It is essential for all privately owned businesses to utilize the word private limited company toward the finish of its company name. Each company needs to send 5-6 names for endorsement to the enlistment center of the company and every one of the names ought to be special and expressive. To know more about private limited company registration, click here.