Trademark Registration Procedure for notice of non completion

Trademark Registration procedure

The trademark registration procedure for giving notice

The trademark registration procedure for notice of subsection(3) of section (23) which is required by the registrar. It is give to an applicant shall be sent on Form O-1.The applicant at the address of his regulation part of business in Chennai. If he has no principal place of business in Chennai for service at the address in India has certain in the application.

But if the applicant has authorized an agent for the objective of the application of an trademark. An duplicate is given to the applicant and the notice shall dispatch to the trademark agent. The notice shall define 21 days time from the date thereof. Such further time is not exceeding one month as the registrar may grant on to the applicant. A request made in the prescribed form for expiration of the registration.

Trademark registration procedure in the register entry

(i) An registration procedure of an application is advertised or re advertised in the journal has opposition of no notice. It is filed within the period specified in subsection(1) of section 21. Where an opposition is filed and it is removed in this section. The registrar shall subject to the provisions of subsection(1) of section 23 enter the trademark on the register.

(ii)The trademark of an entry in the register shall define the date of filing of application. Where the actual date of the registration of the goods or services is mentioned in the application. Which it is registered in respect of  the class or classes . An all particulars required by subsection(1) of section 6 including.

(a) The address of the regulation place of business in Chennai. If any proprietor of the trademark or in the case of an owned trademark joints together. Where such joint proprietors of the trademark as have a convention place of business in Chennai.

(b) Where the trademark proprietor has no place of business in Chennai. The address for his service in Chennai as entered in the application for registration trademark. The service is together with his address in his home country.

(c) In the case of a owned trademark together. The joint proprietors has none of principal place of business in India. The address of each of the joint proprietors together in the application as given address for service in India.

(d) The particulars of the profession, business, trade, occupation or other information of the proprietor. In the case of a owned trademark and the joint proprietors works together. The trademark of joint proprietors as entered in the application for registration trademark.

(e) The registration rights argued by the particulars and that affecting the opportunity of registration.

(f) Under section 154 made an convention application date is given pursuant to applicants of an country to show in the application.

(g) Where certification mark that affect or the trademark is a concerted.

(h)The subsection(4) of section 11 consider a trademark is registered and pursuant. Where the mark is registered pursuant to. The approval of the proprietor of an earlier trademark or other earlier right that fact.

(i) The trademarks registry in relation to the trademark of an appropriate office.

(iii) The registrar in consultation with computer experts it may from time to time. The address for his registration in Chennai as entered in the application for registration. The formulate guidelines for keeping official records in electronic form.