What are the consultancies offer GST registration in Coimbatore?

Solubilis, Corpstore and Earnlogic are the major consultancies that offers GST registration services in Coimbatore. There are doing all types of registration services in Coimbatore. A national indirect tax on goods and services is the Goods and Services Tax (GST). The central taxes of central excise, service tax, excise and customs extra duties, special additional duty of customs, and cess […]

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How GST registration is essential for medical departments?

Gst Registration is essential in medical departments. Solubilis is the best service provider in town and rendering tireless services.

GST registration– Medicines and medical supplies are subject to taxation in India at four distinct rates—nil, 5%, 18%, and 18%—under the Goods and Services Tax. All contraceptives and blood, as well as its by-products, are subject to a NIL rate. Life-saving medications like vaccines and medications for tuberculosis, AIDS, diabetes, and malaria are subject to the lowest GST rate of […]

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