Private Limited Company Registration enjoyed by Privileges

Privileges Enjoyed by Private Limited Company Registration


The basic differences between private companies and public companies whether privileges or otherwise will at least suggest better case of formation of private companies over public companies and the association of a private company restrict the transfer of shares but there is no restriction for public company transferable.

The minimum number of director in a private limited company is two and three for the public company and no such question arises for a private company. A private may commence its business immediately to incorporation as soon as registered.But a public company before it could begin the business must have from the registrar of associations and a documentation of onset of business section 149 in the companies Act 1956.

Private Limited Company Registration in Chennai

Private Limited Company Registration Allotment of Shares

The companies act 1956 applies only to public public and not private companies which provides prohibition of allotment of shares unless the minimum subscription has been received.A private limited company must add the word “PRIVATE LIMITED” at the end of its name and which is not a supplementary of a public company is not subjected to any restriction in the matter of managerial remuneration in the companies act 1956.But in the private limited company registration has no person other than a member of the company concerned shall be entitled to inspect or obtain profit and loss account of the company under section 610 in the companies act 1956.

Private Limited Company Registration Team Management

In the private limited company registration manages his affairs the way he likes.The partners also are better and private limited companies are virtually the extended form of partnerships.Because in private limited company registration in chennai and partnership merge the ownership and control virtually.

The divorce of merge the ownership and management instead of merger takes place in public limited company registration.In the post of public limited company to appoint better and higher skilled persons in the management team.They should be men of understanding and integrity is a part of the shareholdings may still actually control the private limited company registration business.

The companies may be either widely held or closely held in the company registration widely held the public are substantially interested but not so in closely held the company registration in Chennai. The private limited company registration is closely held companies are liable to positive exceptions  liable to their income at estimate which tax are higher than the useful rates in the case of generally held companies.Again the companies are required,likely to positive exceptions to distribute premium upto the legal rate of their income in the private limited company registration are liable to pay additional distributed profits.