How to apply for IE code registration online in Chennai?

The IE Code registration is required for people importing or exporting goods and services from India. The IE Code is issued by the Ministry of Commerce and Industry, Board of Foreign Trade (DGFT), Government of India. The IE code application must be made to the Director General of Foreign Trade with the required supporting documents. Once the application is submitted, DGFT will issue IE code for the entity in 15 – 20 working days or less.

Documents required for IEC registration

The following documents are required for IE code registration,

IE code registration consultant needs Copy of personal or firm or company’s pen card

Copy of personal voter ID or Aadhar card or passport

Cancel the check copy of the current bank account of the individual or company or pay firm

A copy of the rental agreement or a copy of the ancestral electricity bill

Online IE code registration has the following steps.

To get your Import Export License online, you need the following simple IEC. Registration will need to be processed.

Step 1: IEC Online IIC Application Form Import Export Form No. 2 is filed in the Directorate General of Foreign Trade. Alternatively, it can be flown offline to the DGFT’s regional office.

Step 2: All required documents including bank details and DSC have to be submitted

Step 3: Next, the Import Export Code in coimbatore will be allocated and the application will be processed further

Step 4: Once the documents and application have been verified by the authorities, the Import Export License in chennai will be issued to the entity as a soft copy.

Latest Updates of IE Code Registration

Since ICI is required for customs clearance, export subsidy, foreign exchange, IEC registration should be updated when importer or exporter is required. In the following circumstances I.E.C. Improvement is needed.

Error or misinformation

If any error or misrepresentation is found in the certificate, it is a voluntary change made by the IEC certificate holder. In case of change of mobile number, email id or any other details, ICI Improvement can be initiated. Guidelines for updating phone numbers and email IDs are provided on the official website.

Change of business address

If the exporter or importer has changed his business base, he should immediately update the updated business update through IC Registration India mod online modification process. Supporting documents such as address proof, IEC Correction should be uploaded along with the application form.

Change in company name

In case of any change in the name of the business pay firm, apply online and apply to IEC. The certificate should be updated. The required document must be attached to the application form.

Add or exclude partner / director

If the Business PA has decided to include or exclude a partner or director, the IEC certification in bangalore should be updated with changes. In the case of adding a partner or director, the person’s digital signature along with proof of identity, IEC. Correction should be attached to the application form. The partnership deed with the application should also be uploaded.

Benefits of IE code registration

Following are the benefits of import export code

(A) To expand business globally: IEC Registration supports the growth and development of your organization / business to a certain standard. It also helps you expand your business worldwide by bringing your product or services to the international market.

(B) To avail many benefits: Companies can avail many benefits / subsidies of their import / export from DGFT, Export Promotion Council, Customs, etc., based on their ICI registration.

(C) Easy Processing: It is quite easy to get ICI code within a period of 1 to 2 days after submitting the application from DGFT. No export or import proof is required to obtain IEC code. Once the Import Export Code (ICI) is issued, no renewal or filing is required.

(D) Lifetime Validity: Once issued, the Import Export Code (ICI) can be used by the entity throughout its existence and does not require renewal or filing. Once the companies / institutions get the ICC, they can meet their import / export requirements without any problems.

(E) Government Proof: When you need to submit for any legal or regulatory requirement like opening a bank current account, the Import Export Code (IC) will also act as government proof for the name of the business or entity.

(F) No filing of returns: Unlike other government documents, ICI is not required to file any return to the DGFT department. This is a maintenance free document. Once the IEC. There is no need to file a return once received, whether you make an import or export transaction or not.

Import export code has the following features and benefits.
  • The IEC code serves as the main proof that the firm is an importer or exporter.
  • Cannot be imported and exported without this code.
  • The business proprietor, without registering his business, can apply to the ICC. Can also get.
  • The IEC code never expires after it is received and is a lifetime. It does not require any renewal.
  • It is important to show or quote while doing import export business.
  • This code is also useful in conducting foreign bank transactions in terms of business.
  • It is valid for all branches of importer or exporter.
  • IEC Having a code can benefit companies in many ways in importing and exporting from DGFT, Promotion Council, Customs, etc.

Recent news on IE code

The Directorate General of Foreign Trade (DGFT) will launch a new digital platform on July 13, the first phase of which will provide Chabot (a) related services with the introduction, revision, reform process of the Import Export Code (ICI). Virtual assistant).

Import export code registration for companies and industries to start business with import and export business is mandatory.

The purpose of the platform is to assist traders in filing their applications electronically for IEC, various export schemes, such as Advance Authorization and Export Promotion Capital Goods (EPCG), monitor application status and other services related to foreign trade policy. Meanwhile raises questions.

The DGFT said in a trade notice that other mod line modules related to Advanced Authorization, EPCG and Exports Obligation Discharge, which are part of the next phase, will be launched after the first phase stabilization.