Company Incorporation in T-Nagar | Keep an eye on these factors while commencing Your Business

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The company or company formation is defined as a place where employers and employees do their work to meet the requirements of the people. So the customer base should be identified, so that you will find who will buy your product. You should address the key questions about your business fiduciary situation. Also you should find how your business will respond to the growth potential. To start a company you may find the investors or you may get the loan amount. So just by saying I have a company you cannot gain the above said earlier. You must register the company to get the benefits. So in short, you can say that, company registration or registering the company gets credibility among the people and the government and you can give confidence to the public that you won’t simply drop the business. 

What is the role of Domain Name in your Company Formation?

Formation of Company - Some facts you must be aware of

Likewise, domain name is also an important part of a business. When a domain name matches with your company it enforces your brand and it is easy for the customers to remember. It provides memorable content which they can find out on the internet. The customers get an idea about the search he is seeking for. For example, In this www is called the sub domain, is called domain. 

Company registration says that the customers should know what you are going to show in your website when they don’t have any idea previously. In the above example, people will have an idea that you are going to show the contents of the dress materials. It is important to get the TLD (Top Level Domain). This top level domain comes at the end like .com, .net, .org. You should be keen in choosing the essential keywords.  Once registered you have to renew the domain name. You should not buy a domain name without checking its past.


Formation of Company - Some facts you must be aware of

Investment is an important aspect in business. Behind every Company registration, there is a FDI. FDI means Foreign Direct Investment. A foreign direct investment (FDI) is an investment made by a firm or individual in one country into business interests located in another country. Apple’s investment in China is an example for FDI. Foreign investment uses more than just the capital investment. The key feature is to establish effective control over decision making of a foreign business. The FDI types are horizontal, vertical and conglomerate. In horizontal FDI, the manufacturing of products in the foreign country is similar to that of products produced in home market.

The vertical FDI refers to those multinationals that fragment production process geographically. Company registration states that the vertical FDI concentrates on low costs of the raw materials and greater control of the supply chain. Conglomerate is multiple industries company. Multiple business entities operate under one corporate group. It creates internal capital market. Internet conglomerate a relatively new development, play a major role in brand management. E.g. Alphabet, Google’s parent company belongs to modern media conglomerate. It is typically large and multinational. Mostly horizontal FDI chosen over vertical FDI. Foreign direct investment can be made in variety of ways and it is controlled by OECD (Organisation of Economic Co-operation and Development).

Business Commencement

You can commence your business after gaining enough knowledge about company formation steps, about investments and gaining enough knowledge about customers etc. You have to choose what type of company you are going to run. The different types of companies are Private limited company, One Person Company, public limited company, and LLP. So for obtaining company registration you have to take DSC (Digital Signature Certificate), DIN (Digital Identification Number), company name reservation, MOA, AOA, Corporate Identification Number (CIN), PAN&TAN, and Bank accounting Template. The name must be registered with MCA and be copyrighted. This is very important.

SPICE and SPICe+ form in Company Formation

Formation of Company - Some facts you must be aware of

What is SPICE and SPICe + form in company registration? SPICe is Simplified Proforma for Incorporating a Company Electronically. It is also called as INC 32 form. And It is recently introduced by MCA. It simplifies incorporation process. Memorandum of Article and Article of Association can be pre drafted online. The following types of companies like Part1 company, Producer Company, Section 8, and New Company. It is one day company registration in India and it is seen as a game-changer. If all the documents are furnished then, the incorporation is done in three to four hours in a day. 

SPICe+ is also a new advanced version of SPICe.  It helps in name reservation, incorporation, and DIN allotment, mandatory issue of PAN, TAN, EPFO, ESIC, Profession Tax and Opening of Bank Account. You can also easily acquire GSTIN through SPICe+. Registering a company can extend the business. It will ensure you have free of liability. It is also helpful in fund raising.