What is the Presumptive Taxation for Business and Profession in India?

This blog provides clear explanation for the query What is the Presumptive Taxation for Business and Profession in India-with latest updates.

Section 44ADA – Presumptive Obligation Scheme for Specialists A scheme for presumptive tax assessment was introduced under section 44ADA from the FY 2016-17. Section 44ADA gives a direct procedure for tax collection for little specialists. Section 44ADA offers a scheme of presumptive tax collection from advantages and gains rising up out of reasons for living referred to under Section 44AA […]

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GST filing in Guindy-Chennai

The GST filing in Guindy-Chennai is a worth included expense demanded pretty much every products sold and administration accommodated homegrown utilization. In any case, a definitive weight of duty falls on the purchasers, however it is dispatched to the administration by the organizations selling the items and offering types of assistance. GST registration in Chennai states that under the GST […]

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Frequently asked questions on GST

There are many questions are asked by the peoples to know about GST registration and here we give some answers which are frequently asked questions on GST. Can a person without GST registration request ITC and collect tax? No, a person without GST registration can neither get GST from his customers nor can claim any input tax credit (ITC) of […]

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