Why company registration is mandatory in the present era ?

Why company registration is mandatory in the present era?

The private limited company registration in mandatory in the present era; since, a business organization is a company that makes, buys, or sells goods or services in exchange for money. Simply put, a company is a mode of doing business. Your business setting needs to be well considered and most importantly decide what type of business structure or vehicle to […]

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Private Limited company registration in Chennai- T.Nagar

A private limited company is a very popular corporate entity in India. Private Limited Company Registration in India has the governance by the Ministry of Corporate Affairs (MCA). A private limited company is a form of privately owned small business entity that requires at least two shareholders and a director. For company incorporation in India, be sure to register your […]

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How to start a Private Limited Company in Chennai?

How to start a private limited company in chennai? A private limited company is an attractive business model because it is a company with a payout share capital of at least 1 lakh. For a merger, the company needs at least 2 directors. However, the shares of the company are privately owned and cannot be traded publicly. If the company […]

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Choosing the form of business ownership

The entrepreneur faces the problems as how to manage the business activity. He is baffled in creating a choice out of the four main organization types like partnership firm, sole proprietorship and the company form of organizations wherein he can ably make rational co-ordination of the achievement of the objectives through division of functions and labor, choosing efficient allocation of […]

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Body corporate incorporated outside India

Body corporate incorporated outside India has both holding or subsidiary company has the act 1956. The company name without the word “LIMITED” or “PRIVATE LIMITED” in its name The central government has the power to registered a company that are formed as companies without the word “Limited” of “Private Limited” in their names. Minimum paid-up capital not applicable The requirement […]

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