Nidhi Company Registration in Chennai

Solubilis provide Nidhi company registration in Chennai, Bangalore, Hyderabad, Cochin and all over India. Nidhi Company is a company incorporated underCompanies Act, 2013. The main objectives of Nidhi Company is to cultivate the habit of thrift and savings among its members, to receive deposits from its members and to lend money to its members. It complies with the Nidhi rule of 2014 pronounced by the Central government for regulation of such class of company. The Central government by its notification direct that any of the provisions of the company act shall not apply or shall apply such modification to any Nidhi Companies. Every Nidhi Company shall have the last word Nidhi Limited as part of its name.

Requirement to start a Nidhi Company:

  • Every Nidhi Company ensures the following within a period of one year from the year of their commencement.
  • Maintain not less than 200 members should have a net owned fund of 10 lakh rupees.
  • Must maintain unencumbered term deposit for a value of not less than 10% of the outstanding deposits receive from its members.
  • Nidhi Company carries on the business of Chit funds, Hire purchase leasing finance etc.
  • Nidhi company cannot issue preferences, debenture any other debt instrument. They cannot open current accounts with any of its members.
  • Nidhi Companies can accept deposits 20 times the value of the net owned fund of the company

Documents Required

  • Aadhaar Card (For all Directors)
  • Director's PAN Card
  • Photo copies
  • Rental / Sales deed
  • Utility Bills(Electricity bill, Water bill)
  • No Objection Certificate

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