Trademark Registration Opposition Procedure

Trademark Registration OppositionTrademark Registration


We discussed the trademark registration opposition procedure of consideration. When an operation for trademark registration in the provision of section (19) has been accepted as

  • The operation has not been argued and the time for notice of action has expired.
  • The operation has been argued and the action has been selected in regard of the candidate.

On the register of a trademark registration, the officer shall concern to the candidate a certificate in the prescribed form of the registration with the seal in the trademark registry.

Trademark Registration Opposition


If any person may within four months from the date of promotion or re advertisement of an application for trademark registration. They consideration in the writing of the authorized presence on payment of such fees as may be advised to the registrar of struggle to the registration.

The applicant for registration shall serve a copy of the notice to the register within two months from the notice of opposition by the applicant of a copy of such receipt. The register in the presence of advising a counter assurance of the grounds on that he depends for his application shall send by the applicant. The applicant has not to do this his application shall be deemed.

If the candidate delivers such counter reports the officer gives a copy of that report to the person of that notice of trademark registration opposition.

The opponent and the candidate shall submit an evidence to the registrar in the prescribed manner. If they desire to be heard that the registrar shall give an hope for them.

After hearing the parties and regarding the evidence, the registrar decide what conditions or limitations on that subject. The trademark registration opposition is to be approved and may take into account a ground of challenge whether the opponent relied or not.

A candidate sending a counter statement or a person giving the trademark registration opposition of notice after receipt of a copy of such notice neither consist nor carries a registration in Chennai.The officer require to give security before For the costs of operations by him.

The registrar may request, if any, error of permit correction or any change of a notice of trademark registration opposition or a counter statement in such terms as he thinks.