Trademark Registration in T Nagar Chennai | An overview


Trademark registration in Chennai says that trademark comprises of design, sign or expression and it can be registered. It is one of the intellectual properties. This distinguishes among the other competitive companies and it enables the customer to identify easily. So the trademark must be unique and should not be similar or identical to the other trademarks. Trademark registration in Chennai says that interestingly there are different types. 1) Product mark. The name of the product itself is register. This can identify the products or goods but not the services. E.g. Nestle, Amul.  2) Service mark. This is to identify the services. E.g. Google, Apple. 3) Collective mark. This type of trademark is associate with group of people and not with single product or service. E.g. TATA Sons. 4) Certification mark. This is to show authenticity of the company. 5) Shape marks. The shape of the product is also register. Shape is visually attractive. 6) Pattern mark. The pattern is also unique and must be register. Trademark registration in Chennai says sound Mark is a trademark where the sound is used to perform the trademark function for uniquely identifying the origin of products or services.

The trademark register


The first Sound Mark to be registered in India was Yahoo model follow by Nokia tune. Trademark registration in Chennai says that the first edition of nice classification came into force in April 1961. The trademark gives mental link between the logo, design to the product. For example, Charcoal refers to computer font, Spotlight refers to software utility. Initially there were only 34 classes for physical products only. Then 11 classes were add. So constantly the products or services were add and drop. Of course new things were invent and confuse where these things will go and to which class. Trademark registration in Chennai gives the following classifications.

Categorization of Classes of Goods

Trademark Registration additioanl

The class 1 is given to chemicals that are use in industry, unprocessed artificial resins and plastics. Then for substances for tanning animal skin, fertilizers, putties, paste fillers etc.. Class 2 is for paints, varnishes, dyes, inks for printing, metals in foil. Class 3 consists of non-medicated cosmetics, perfumery, and essential oils etc.. Class 4 comprises of industrial oil, dust absorbing, candles and wicks for lighting etc. Class 5 is given for pharmaceutical, sanitary preparation for medical purposes, dietetic food and substances, material for stopping teeth etc. Trademark registration in Chennai says that Class 6 is given for common metals, non-electric, small items of metal hardware, metal containers for storage or transport. Etc. Class 7 for machines, machine tools, agricultural implements, incubators for eggs etc. Class 8 is given for hand tools, hand operated, razors etc. Class 9 given for apparatus and instruments for recording, processing sound, image and media that can be downloaded, diving suits, masks, fire extinguishing apparatus, etc. Also Trademark registration in Chennai says that Class 10 is given for surgical, artificial limbs, massage apparatus, devices and articles etc. class 11 is given for heating, cooling, steam generating etc. Class 12 is given for vehicles, apparatus for locomotion by land, air or water. Class 13 is given for firearms, ammunition, projectiles, and explosives. Trademark registration in Chennai says that Class 14 is given for precious metals, alloys, semi-precious stones. Class 15 is given for musical instruments, conductors.

Trademark registration in chennai

Trademark registration procedure after assignment or transmission

Class 16 is for paintbrushes, instrumental and teaching materials etc. Class 17 is to unprocessed and semi processed rubber, gum etc. Class 18 is given for leather, umbrellas, and walking sticks etc. Class 19 is given for materials not of metal, buildings, monuments not of metal etc. Class 20 is given for furniture, mirrors, shells etc. Class 21 is given for knives, spoons, combs, sponges etc. Class 22 is for ropes, strings, rubber or plastics etc. Class 23 is for Yarns and threads for textile use. Class 24 consists of textile, substitute for textiles, household linen, curtains of textile. Trademark registration in Chennai says that Class 25 consist of clothing, footwear, and headwear. Class 26 consists of pins, needles, lace etc. Class 27 is given for carpet, rugs, mats etc. Class 28 is given for games, toys etc. Class 29 is for Meat, poultry, fish, jellies, jam etc.  Class 30 is given for coffee, chocolate, ice cream, sugar, honey, sauces etc. Class 31 is given for natural flowers, plants etc. Class 32 is for non-alcoholic beverages, mineral and aerated water etc. Class 33 is given to alcoholic beverages except beers. Class 34 is given for tobacco, electronic cigarettes etc.

TM Classes of Services

Trademark registration in Chennai states that Class 35 is given for advertising, business management and administration, office functions. Class 36 is given for insurance, financial affairs, real estate and monetary affairs. Class 37 building, construction repair, and installation service. Class 38 is given for telecommunications. Class 39 is given for transport, packaging, storage of goods and travel arrangement. Class 40 is given for treatment of materials. Trademark registration in Chennai says that Class 41 is given for education, training, entertainment and sports. Class 42 is given for scientific technologies, design, computer hardware and software etc. Class 43 is given for services for providing food and drink, temporary accommodation. Class 44 is given for medical services, vetenary services etc. Class 45 is given for legal services, security services.

Trademark Registration in Chennai

Finally, the Nice agreement provides for setting up of Committee of Experts. It facilitates search in organising information of trademarks into indexed classes. Before filing trademark application you have to seek into which Nice class to file under. So the dilution is avoided. For more details regarding trademark registration and trademark filing in t nagar chennai, click here.