Tamilnadu societies registration rules 1978

The Tamilnadu Societies Registration Act, 1975 (Tamilnadu Act 27 of 1975) makes the following rules by the Governor of Tamilnadu :

Tamilnadu societies registration

1.Short title : These rules may be called the Tamil Nadu Societies Registration Rules, 1978.

2.Definitions : In these rules, unless the context otherwise requires :

(a) “Act” means the Tamilnadu societies registration act, 1975 (Tamilnadu act 27 of 1975).

(b) “Appendix” means an Appendix to these rules.

(c) “Form” means a form set out in the Appendix to these rules.

(d) “Section” means a section of the Act.

(e) “Society” means a registered society.

(f) “Sub-Registrar” means the Sub-Registrar appointed under section 6 of the Registration Act 1908 (Central Act XVI of 1908).

Constitution and Registration

3. other useful objects recognised for registration of societies :

For purpose of section 3, the following objects shall be deemed to be useful objects, namely :

(a) interests of consumers in the supply and distribution of essential articles.

(b) interests of passengers using buses, taxis, auto-rickshaws and similar vehicles of public conveyance:

(c) welfare of the physically handicapped.

(d) welfare of working women.

(e)welfare of the unemployed.

(f) interests of residents in the matter of provision of civic amenities.

(g) interests of tourists and pilgrims.

(h) welfare of animals, birds and similar living beings.

(i) welfare of displaced persons

(j) welfare of downtrodden, economically and socially backward.

4. Time-limit for registration of societies :

The period within which every society of the description specified in sub-section (1) of Section 4 shall be registered. It shall be three months from the date of formation of such society or the date on which society fulfilled the conditions laid down in the said sub-section.

5. Time-limit for registration of existing societies :

The period within which every society of the description specified in sub-section (2) of Section 4 shall be registered. It shall be two months from the date of the commencement of the act. The date on which such society fulfilled the conditions laid down in the said sub-section.

(2) For the purpose of clause(iii) of sub-section (2) of Section 4, the period and the gross income or expenditure in the said period prescribed for the purpose of registration of the society. It shall be three months preceding the date of the commencement of the act. An amount of not less than 2,500 rupees, respectively.

6. Subject-matter of bye-laws :

The bye laws shall contain provisions in respect of the following matters, namely :

(a) the name of the society.

(b) the address of the registered office of the society.

(c) the date of formation of the society.

(d) the district registrar within whose control the office of the society is situated.

(e) the business hours of the society.

(f) the objects of the society.

(g) the activities of the society in furtherance of its objects.

(h) the person name or officer, if any, official to sue or to be sued on behalf of the society.

(i) the name of the officer or person who is allowed to provide directions to consider the business of the society.

(j) enrolment of members.

(i) qualifications for membership, classification, conditions and restrictions, if any, therefor.

(ii) the entrance and other fees, or subscription, if any, to be collected from members.

(iii) the dates prescribed for payment of the amounts specified in sub-clause (ii) above and levy of penalties or fines, if any, imposed on defaulting members.

(k) removal of members, the circumstances under which members could be removed from the rules. The procedure for such removal and appeal, if any, against such removal.

(l) rights, obligations and privileges of members.

(m) the manner in which the society shall transact its business.

(n) the constitution of the Committee specified in Section 15. The qualifications of the members of the Committee, their term of office. The procedure for their appointment and re-appointment.

(o) the preparation and filing with the concerned Registrar of such records, annual or other statements which are specified in the Act and the rules.

(p) the audit of accounts and balance sheet for the financial year with reference of Section. The person or persons appointed to do such audit.

(q) the supply of copies of bye-laws, the receipt and expenditure account. The balance sheets, to the members on application and the fee payable for the same.

(r) imposition of fine, if any, for any contravention of the provisions of the bye-laws by any officer or member appointed under clause(g) of section 2.

(s) the method keeps the investment and application of the funds of the society. The extent and conditions of such investment.

(t) funds earmarked specifically for the purpose of making provisions for a dependent of a deceased or disabled member as laid down in Section 25. The quantum of payments to be made thereof.

(u) arrangements for transactions of day-to-day business of the society. The expenditure to be incurred therefor, the staff to be employed and the condition of service of such employees.

(v) conduct of annual general meetings as laid down in Section 26 and the procedure therefor. Conduct of extraordinary general meetings as laid down in Section 28. The procedure therefor and the number of members required for making a requisition in writing, calling for such a meeting.

(w) objectives for which passage of the “special resolution” as defined in clause (j) of section 2 is necessary.

(x) the exhibition of the register of members. The books containing minutes and the books of account at the registered office of the society during business hours for inspection by its members free of charge.

(2) The bye-laws may also deal with such other matters incidental to the organization and working of the society. The management of its business as may be deemed necessary.


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