Register of copyright under the act 1957

In Copyright Office a register in the given form as called the register of copyrights in which may be registered the titles or names of works and the names and addresses of owners, publishers, authors of copyright and such other details as may be specified. The copyright registration is specified in the act 1957.

Registration only increases an thought in recommend of the person shown as the real author therein, the idea is not final, but performs where difficult proof is not expansive. It is not mandatory to provide further confirmation to show which the copyright gives in the author named in the register.

No stipulation in the act relieves an author of his rights thereunder only for non-registration of his copyright.

register a copyright

Entries in the register of copyrights

The owner, publisher or author or other person focused in the copyright in any work may create an application in the specified form helped by the suggested fee to the registrar of copyrights for submitting details of the work in the register of copyrights.

Issued in respect of an artistic work that is capable or used in relation to any goods or services. The application contains a statement which perform and shall be followed by a certificate from the registrar of trademarks mentioned in trademarks act 1999 to the result which no trademark comparable with or misleadingly like to such artistic work has been registered under the act in the name of or which no application has been made under that act for such copyright registration by, any person other than the applicant.

On receipt of an application in regard of any work under sub-section (1), the registrar of copyrights may after keeping such inquiry as he may consider relevant, file the particulars of the work in the register of copyrights.


There shall be also kept at the copyright registration office such indexes of the register of copyright as may be specified.

Form and inspection of register

The indexes and copyright registration kept under this act shall at total valid time be open to inspection and any person shall be authorized to take copies or creates from, such indexes or register on payment of such fee and subject to such provisions as may be specified.

Copyrights are filed to be prima facie evidence only entered therein

 The copyright registration shall be prima facie confirmation of the details entered therein and documents claiming to be copies of any appearance therein or requires therefrom verified by the registrar of copyrights and sealed with the seal of the copyright registration office shall be allowable in confirmation in all courts without extra proof or production of the original.

Correction of entries in the register of copyrights

The Registrar of Copyrights may, in the suggested cases and subject to the authorized provisions, change or modify the register of copyrights by—

Modifying any error in any name, particulars or address

Modifying any other error which may have occur therein by omission or accidental slip.

Rectification of register by Copyright Board

The copyright board, on request of the registrar of copyrights or of any person disturbed, shall order the correction of the register of copyrights by—

Creating of any entry incorrectly ignored to be made in the register. The copyright registration is mandatory and its more useful for all business.

The deletion of any entry incorrectly made in or remaining on, the register

The modification of any error or fault in the register

Entries in the register of copyrights, etc to be published

Each entry made in the register of copyrights or the individuals work entered under section 45. The copyright registration office is located in Chennai, normally all registration process must done in online.The rectification of each entry made under section 49 on such register and every correction ordered under section 50 shall be issued by the registrar of copyrights in the official gazette.