New company registration requirements

Over the last few years, the procedure for registering a company has made reasonable and simple. The entry of digital signature and INC-29 incorporation, company registration has made easy and completed with in days. However, unlike subscribing a product, company registration needs the promoters to submit certain documents for incorporation a company. The new company registration requirements must know every business peoples for registering their company.

New Company Registration in Chennai

New Company Registration

The new company registration requirements must be know everyone who wants to start their new business entities. In this topic, we look a such requirements for company incorporation in Chennai.


A shareholder can be a group of people, an individual person, a partnership, another company or any other type of corporate body or organization. A shareholder is the owner of a company. A private limited company can have minimum 2 shareholders and a maximum of 200 shareholders. But, the public limited company have a number of shareholders. The shareholders of a company can be a body corporate or individual. The company shares can be owned by Indian Citizens, Indian Body Corporate, Foreign Nationals and Foreign Body Corporates.


A director is a person who controls, administers, and directs the performance of the company. The directors of a company are elected or appointed by the shareholders of a company. The private limited company have minimum of 2 directors and a maximum of 15 directors in a company. The public limited company have a minimum of 3 directors.

Duties of directors in a company

A director shall act following with the (AoA) Articles of Association  of the company.

A director shall ensure that :

(a) he acts in belief

(b) he performs his duties with due and reasonable care, skill and diligence and exercise independent judgment.

(c) he attempt to achieve or  does not achieve any undue gain.

(d) he does not involve himself in a situation of conflict of interest with the company.

A director shall not assign his office.

The duties of independent directors which are as follows :

  1. Undertake proper introduction and regularly update and brace their knowledge, skills and friendliness with the company.

    2. Seek appropriate amplification or clarification of information. Where essential, follow and take right professional opinion and advice of outside experts at the cost of the company.

    3. Participate positively and hard-working in the committees of the board in which they are chairpersons or members.

    4. Strive to manage the general meetings of the company.

    5. Keep themselves to know about the company and the outside environment in which it operates.

    6. Acting within his authority, help in protecting the legal interests of the company, employees and its shareholders.

    7. Not disclose information, confidential, containing technologies, advertising , commercial secrets and sale promotional plans, unpublished price sensitive detail.

Registered office place

Private Limited Company

All companies registered in Chennai must have a major place of business. It is known as registered office. The tax office, jurisdiction of court and other regulatory matters will be resolved on the state and address of the registered company. The registered office is a place and it contains all the official records of a company. It is the place where contact any member of the company. The company registration must be done in the registered office.

The registered office of the company must continued over the life of the company. The incorporation of a new company, the state of incorporation must decided by the promoters to apply their new company name. Once, the company name is obtained. A company can file for registration and incorporated without assigning a registered office state address.

However, in the filing, an address for resemblance must be allocated. They should have a registered office within 15 days of incorporation. The Registrar of Companies (RoC) must be suggested the registered office post incorporation within thirty days. You must submit valid documents for your new company registration.

The Registrar office in Chennai

2nd Floor, Haddows Road, Shastri Bhawan 26,

Chennai – 600034.