LLP effect of registration in section 58

LLP effect of registrationLLP effect of registration

The section 58 of the LLP act provides that notwithstanding anything contained in any other law. The law is for the time being in force of LLP effect. The registration date is  described in the registration certificate cases.The LLP name is described in the certificate of registration is registered under this act.

The intangible properties are conferred in the firm or the company. The case has interests, privileges, rights, liabilities, obligations relating to the company. The case may be  undertaking the whole company or the firm. The LLP act has without further assurance is transferred in confer. The firm or the company shall be assumed and it to be appeared. In this case it is  removed from the records of the registrar companies.

Registrar may refuse to register

The LLP act shall be constructed as to require the registrar to register any LLP act. Under the provision of LLP act the particulars or other information is enhanced. If he is not satisfied in this LLP act.The registrar in the case of refusal of registration is made before the Tribunal.The LLP rules provide in the event of the registrar has refused the registration.It may apply within sixty days of refusal to the tribunal of such statement.

The LLP act which is converted an registration number of the company and name. The registration of LLP has registered within 15 days of the date of the registration. The limited liability partnership has been a refusal of an element is considered.The registration of an LLP should provided in this act has been enhanced by the registrar.This has been informed the concerned registrar of firms or the registrar of companies. The registration in Chennai of the conversion is specified in the company shall convert into an LLP.It was registered under the companies act 1956.