The Certification process shall consist of the following stages

  •  Application & Review
  •  Initial Certification Audit: Stage-1 & Stage 2 Audit
  •  Certification
  •  Surveillance Audit
  •  Renewal Audit
  •  Suspending, Withdrawing, Extending


1) The scope of the certification i.e product and services which covers under the certification

2) Basic Details of the applicant such as name and the address of its principal Place of business, significant aspects of its process and operations, and any other relevant information.

3) General information, relating to the field of certification applied, concerning the applicant organization, such as its activities, human resources, Techniques etc

4) Information concerning all outsourced processes used by the organization

5) The requirements for which the applicant organization is seeking certification.

Contract Review:

Senior Management shall prepare a quotation after the contract review based on requirements and after obtaining approval from MD, shall submit the same to the client. The matter shall be followed with the client for securing business.

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