Indian company registration for foreign nationals

India is the best country to start a new company for every foreign nationals. India is the fastest growing economics in the world, so there may be a plenty of business opportunities in India. There are many foreign nationals can spend their money to start their new company to Indian economy standards. The Indian government may also give some benefits for their company registration. The Non-Resident Indian (NRI) is also invested their money due to the Indian economy and wealth of resources.

Indian Company Registration

Indian company registration for foreign nationals

The foreign nationals and NRIs must always start a private limited company or Limited company in India. The top business entities like private limited company and public limited company only allow for foreign direct investment (FDI). The foreign nationals and NRIs are not to start a One person company or Partnership or Proprietorship in India. The foreign direct investment (FDI) in LLP requires prior approval from the reserve bank of India.

Hence, the most perfect entity for NRIs and foreign nationals to start a business in India would be a private limited company and public limited company. The private limited company registration is the easiest kind of India entry procedure for foreign nationals and foreign companies. The foreign direct investment is up to 100% in private limited company or limited company is under the automatic way. There is no central government permission is needed.

A private limited company can have a minimum of two directors and two shareholders. A shareholder can be a corporate entity or a person. A maximum of 200 shareholders in a private limited company. The foreign nationals are become the directors of private limited company. In private limited company, the board of directors must have one Indian citizen.

DSC for Foreign National Directors:

To become a director of a company in India, the person must get an Director Identification Number (DIN) after getting the Digital Signature Certificate (DSC). The foreign national or NRI to obtain a DSC, they can submit a notarized copy of his/her passport or a self attested or an address proof. (Residency Card, Utility Bill, Drivers License). Once they can get their Digital Signature Certificate (DSC), the Director Identification Number (DIN) can be obtained for the NRI or foreign nationals may be added to the board of directors during their incorporation.

Procedure for Incorporation

A company incorporation procedure with NRIs or foreign national or foreign entities is like an incorporation of private limited company with Indian directors. It is mandatory to register a company in India. Notarization of address proof, foreign identity proof and other valid documents of foreign origin is another steps of incorporating a company with foreign entities or NRIs. The company registration is easily done in India.


India is the best country for starting a new business for NRIs or foreign nationals. There are numerous business opportunities for all persons and businesses. The company registration procedure is also to make quick and easy in India.

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