FSSAI (Food Safety and Standards Authority of India ) Act 2006

FSSAI Registration in CoimbatoreThe Food safety and standards act 2006 is accepted under Food Safety and Standards Authority of India (FSSAI ). This food related issues are handled in different ministries and departments. The FSSAI has various Acts such as

  • Fruit produces order 1955,
  • Food adulteration Act 1954,
  • Meat produces order 1973,
  • Edible flour order and De-oiled meal 1967,
  • Solvent exacted oil,
  • Milk products order oil,
  • Edible oils packaging order 1988,

These all will be canceled after onset of FSSAI Act 2006.The head office of FSSAI at Delhi.

The Act 2006 of Food Safety and Standards 

This Act is declared that it is practical in the public interest to take under its control the food industry union.The Act has Chairperson it means chairperson of the food authority.The designated officer and commissioner of  food safety appointed under the section 30 and 36.The food analyst appointed under the section 45. The chief executive officer and the chairperson are appointed in the Food Safety and Standards Authority of India (FSSAI) by the government of India. The food authority to monitor the manufacture, distribution and processing of their duties.

The Formation of FSSAI

  • The Central Government to provide a body is called as the( FSSAI )Food Safety and Standards Authority of India to test the powers consulted to perform the functions under this Act.
  • The Food Authority to corporate the same name, both movable and immovable, dispose of property and hold, appeal or be charged.
  • The Food Authority head office at Delhi
  • The Food Authority may build its office any where in India.

The Fault by Companies

Where a fault has been performed by a company under this Act, each and every one in the company who at the time the fault was effected in charge and responsible to the company for the management of the business of the registration.Where a company is produced that various formations or sections concerned that the person in charge of such registration in Coimbatore. The company is punished against the offense shall be 49 deemed to be responsible.