Copyright Registration in T Nagar Chennai | Modern rules


Copyright Registration in T Nagar Chennai says that Copyright is the exclusive right given to the creator. The creative work may be literary, artistic, and educational or music form. There are three requirements needed for a work to be copyrighted. They are original, creative and fixed. Original is defined as the work must be novel and independent. Creative means innovative which can also be defined as unique. Fix can be define as a work must be fix in a tangible medium of expression. As long as it is sufficiently permanent or stable. It is one of the intellectual properties so that if you have registered your work is protected and can make money from it. Copyright is automatic. Something which is capture in fix format such as being write down or record. The creators have right to create a derivative work like when a book can be made into a movie. Copyright Registration in Chennai explains with example, the world famous novel Harry Potter series had made into movies and the author became Billionaire overnight. You certainly need permission if you want to email published research, reprint article in newsletter, post news story.

Modern rules of Copyright Registration

For commentary, parody, news reporting, scholarly research, education permission may be obtained from the owner. It is collectively fair use. The first sale permits in lending, reselling and disposing the work. It does not permit the reproducing the material and the performance. Attribution is another area of confusion and people think that they cite their source they are good to go. But attribution is not a substitute for permission. Public domain is different from publicly available. The infringers can be sue or inject. Copyright Registration in Chennai states that for example the Warner Brother Company is very strict in following this; if any of them uses their product then the revenue must reach Warner Bros.

YouTube copyright, community guidelines

Nowadays uploading videos in YouTube is common and trending. Copyright Registration in Chennai says that there are three types of copyright in YouTube. They are: Audio, video and image copyright. When you upload a video in YouTube then content id is create. Even if you reload the same video again then it is duplicate only. You have to obtain the content id manually. Next is about audio copyright. There is an option in which free music can be download. NCS and Royalty free music can be use to enjoy free music. If you have used video of others who have copyright, then copyright strike and copyright claim are in use. If three copyright strikes are given then the channel will be terminate.  For the first strike live stream is disable and the second strike monetization is disable. Finally, for the third strike channel gets terminate.  Also Copyright Registration in Chennai says that if you get copyright claim, then you should give the revenue to the owner as we saw earlier about Warner Bros. Copyright is obtain for image also. That is if anybody takes a wonderful picture and post it, mostly the wild life photography is an example in which most of the pics are taken by DSLR, can claim for copyright.

Copyright Registration in T Nagar Chennai | Modern rules

There are two types of YouTube license. Standard you tube license and creative common license. In standard license YouTube, only the video creator should use it. It is already a copyrighted material. In creative common license anybody can use the created video. When you use the creative common license you should not add any obscene content, or any other unwanted things to it. Copyright Registration in Chennai says that interestingly if you shoot a video and upload and if some other is there in the video, that some other person can approach the police station for lodging the compliant. Knowingly or unknowingly you may do it. But if the person has given the compliant, then you are answerable. There are some cases that if you upload a video with the smaller size than that of the original then you may face the problem of copyright infringement.

Community guidelines

If you surpass the YouTube rules and regulations, then you will have community guidelines strike. That is if you use obscene pictures or if you use disturbing content to the pics or videos then you will face community guideline strike. Copyright Registration in Chennai says that some of them use cropped pictures or videos of others in their own created video, then YouTube compare both and when it comes to know both are not similar then copyright strike cannot be given. If you have to check whether the video is copy or not by yourself, then go to YouTube creator studio, towards the left side you will find copyright, monetisation it will show the copied videos of yours.


Copyright Registration in Chennai says that copyright gives full ownership rights, longevity for 70 years of time length and also clarity. It gives full economic benefits and protection to your work. So protecting your work with copyright laws gains you the honor. To know more about copyright registration in t nagar chennai, click here.