The company registration act 1956

The Company Registration Act

The registration of companies either public or private is mainly regulated unless not expressly prevented under the company registration Act 1956. The companies Act 1956 presents the companies which must register the companies which cannot register and the companies not formed under the Act which may register.

The Companies Act which must register

The company registration is relevant with the private limited company to be registered in the Act 1956. Where no company, organization or partnership consisting of more than ten persons shall be formed for the plan of carrying on the business of banking. Unless it’s registered as a company under this Act 1956. No company society or partnership consisting of more than twenty persons shall be created for the reason of taking on any other business. The company that has its object in the addition of gain by the company registration, association or partnership or by the particular members thereof unless it is registered as a company under the Act 1956.

Company Registration act 1956

The Company Registration Act under laws

The companies Act 1956 the collection of companies which may at any time register under the Act as an unlimited company or as a limited company by shares or a company limited by certificate formed under company Act 1956.The existing companies are formed and registered under previous companies laws section 561 of the company Act 1956.

The section 562 keep the manner by which the present Act shall apply to every company registration is implement to every company registered under the company law. The companies Act shall apply to every unlimited company registered as a limited company in response of any  previous companies laws.The same aspect applies to an unlimited company registration in the present Act 1956 as a limited company.

The Company Registration of Charge

The company registration was going matter at the date of registration plan did not protect when the charge should not registered.The plan was designed to protect only rights collected against or touching the property contain in the unregistered company. In the charge investing period in the date of creation of the company registration of such demand.

In company registration the persons would include a successive charge of the important property. An easy creditor who has collected execution against the relevant property of the company gone into removal. The existing unsecured creditors are interested in all the benefits of the company registration. The soldier is bound by piece to distribute the net proceeds among the unsecured creditor to preferred debts.The assets of the registration are at the point in the company for the benefit of its receiver.The reason for this  registration in Chennai in charge creditor could not have to prevent premium made to the lender was not registering the company.