The company’s register of charges in the companies act 2013

Company's register of charges The company’s register of charges

(1)Every company’s shall retain as its registered office. A register of charges in such form. It is prescribed in such manner. Which shall include therein all charges. The floating charges affecting any property. It also affects assets of the company or any of its commitments. In each case is indicating such particulars are may be prescribed.

A copy of the instrument creating the charge kept at the registered office. The charge is prescribed in the registration company. The company’s along with the register of charges.

(2)Under subsection (1) the register of charges and appliance of charges kept . It shall be open for evaluation during business hours in this section.

(i)By any member or creditor without any payment of fees

(ii)By any other person as may be prescribed on the payment of such fees. The company is may subject to such proper regulations.

Punishment for infringement

If any company conflict with any arrangement. The company shall be chargeable with fine. The fine that must not less than one lakh rupees. It may enhance to ten lakh rupees. Inside the company every officer shall be punishable. The officer who is in default with confinement. The term that may extend to six months. If it is fine which shall, not less than twenty five thousand rupees. It may enhanced to one lakh rupees together.

Revision by central government in register of charges

(1)The central government on being satisfied that:

(i)The omission to file with the registrar. The circumstances of any charge created by a company. The subject of any charge that any property has been captured by a company. Such charge of any modification.

(ii)The omission to register of any charge within the time required by this object. The omission to give statement to the registrar of the payment for registration. The satisfaction of a charge within the time required by this object.

(iii)The exclusion or misstatement of any peculiar with respect. That has any such charge or modification for registration. The particular with respect to any directive of satisfaction. The other entry made in pursuance under the section (82) or (83) with this respect.

(iv)On any other grounds it is just and honest to concession support.It may be interested of any person or the application of the company.On such terms and conditions as it may seem to the government. It has just and expedient. Which directs that the time for the filing of the particulars. This is for registration of the charge or giving intimation of payment. The satisfaction shall be extended. The case may require the omission or misstatement shall be rectified.

(2)Where the government extends the time for registration in Kochi on a charge. The order shall not discrimination of any rights collected in respect of the property disturbed in a company. Before the charge is actually registered in a company.