Trademark Registration in T Nagar Chennai | An overview


Trademark registration in Chennai says that trademark comprises of design, sign or expression and it can be registered. It is one of the intellectual properties. This distinguishes among the other competitive companies and it enables the customer to identify easily. So the trademark must be unique and should not be similar or identical to the other trademarks. Trademark registration in […]

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Law of trademark registration of licensee

The trademark owner relation and a license are a result of bargain or commercial arrangement. A person for the use of trademark and the conditions and terms of the license agreement are to be arranged and assigned between the owner of the trademark and the suggested user. The association between the owner and the licensee shall be managed by Law […]

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Important points to know about trademark registration

Some important points which are ancillary but vital for understanding the procedure for trademark registration are specified first. Similar Trademark / Different Properties A trademark likes rights in favour of goods/services which it is used or registered and not in recognition of all goods and services. So, the trademark is assigned as well known. Different combinations and amalgamation for use […]

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