What is a Design? A Design refers to the features of shape, pattern, ornamentation or composition of lines or colors applied to any article. This may be applied by any industrial process or means separately or by a combined process, which in the finished article appeals to and judged solely by the eye. Design does not include any mode or principle of construction or anything which is mere mechanical device. It also does not include any trade mark or any artistic work.

The registration of a design confers upon the Registration registered proprietor the exclusive right to apply a design to the article in the class in which the design has been registered.

A design should be original, not to be disclosed to the public, to be different from the other registered design, not comprise or contain scandalous matter.

An application for registration of a design will be accepted within six months from the date of application.

A clear photocopy of the original representation sheet may be filed for other copies of the representation sheet except when a photograph of the original representation has been filed.

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