Incorporation of a Company with Common Rules and Nuances.

Incorporation of Company and Matters Incidental Thereto Incorporation of a company under the three aspects Incorporation of a company has so many rules to follow. Incorporating is like form into a corporation. The so-called business corporation According to the number of people joined together, the formation of company differs. Seven or more than seven persons form the Public Company. Two or […]

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ISO 9000 certification

The ISO 9000 certification is a great performance for any company and it surely calls for celebration. After the excitement is created by ISO 9000 certification is over, there is likely to be a general tendency to relax. If this is not checked, it will defeat the very purpose of establishing a quality system. Implementing ISO 9000 is not a […]

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Annual accounts and directors report at the annual general meeting

At annual general meeting, the performance of the company in the last financial year and to consider the question of payment of dividend and of reappointment of directors and of auditors. Accordingly section 173 of the act prescribes that business other than the following that may be considered at every annual general meeting are special business: The statement of dividend […]

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