Trademark registration procedure after assignment or transmission

The Trademark registration procedure after entering on the register the name of the successive trademark owner as a result of transmission or assignment is included in section 45 which has been changed by 2010 Amendment act. The new section 45 reads as follows: Registration of assignments and transmissions: Where a person becomes allowed by transmission or assignment to a registered […]

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Certification of Trademark Registration

There are certain stipulations of this act are not applicable to certification trademarks. Section 9 : Any condition the performance of which is limited by the periods to registration in Part B of the register.  Trademark registration certification A trademark certificate shall be registrable only in Part A of the register. Trademark shall not be register as a certification trademark […]

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Perceptions of quality in developing countries

The quality system as specified by the International Organization for Standardization (ISO) in its 9000 series of standards was formed in response of the challenges of improving market globalization. It has been completely adopted and accepted by over 70 countries in all regions of the improved and developing worlds. These standards are considered as powerful tools for important management not […]

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